Thursday, March 14, 2013

My Five Most Asked Marriage Questions May Surprise You!

Giovanni Gelati's face turned red when I answered his question, "What are the five most asked questions you receive relating to marriage?"

By far, the most asked question is "How can we keep sizzle in our sex life?"

Listen to my answer to my five most asked questions regarding marriage:

1. How can we keep sizzle in our sex life?

2. I am in a hopeless situation. Is there hope for me?

3. There is no love between us. What should we do?

4. Why do you think the divorce rate is so high?

5. What is your best piece of marriage advice?

You can hear my answers on GelatisScoop! Just hit the site below.
Elaine W. Miller answers 5 questions on Marriage! 03/14 by GelatisScoop | Blog Talk Radio

Praying God uses this interview to re-sizzle your marriage! May these words bring splashes of serenity to any marriage in turmoil,


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