Thursday, April 26, 2012

So Did We ALL Marry Idiots?

We All Married Idiots: Three Things You Will Never Change About Your Marriage and Ten Things You Can releases in May. Thank you all who encouraged me on this journey. WOW—I appreciate you—every one.

To celebrate through the month of May—and to entice you to invest in your marriage—I will answer questions about me, my marriage, and the writing of Idiots. If you have any questions you would like answered, please make a comment and I'll give it a whirl. As well, I issue a BLOG TOUR ALERT! Many in the merry month of May will be blogging about me and Idiots. This should be fun!

Today's questions: What caused you to name a book, We All Married Idiots? Did we ALL marry idiots?

My answer: Years ago during an argument with my husband I thought, I must have been an idiot to marry this idiot! Then, I burst out laughing realizing that statement makes me an idiot too! Later I learned the word idiot is derived from the Greek word "common man." Well, aren't we all common man? In fact there was only one uncommon man. Jesus Christ. It is when we look to our spouses to fulfill needs that only Christ can fulfill, then husbands and wives become dissatisfied with their marriages.

So yes, we ALL do marry idiots; and so do our spouses.

Praying these posts bring a splash of serenity to your marriage. I believe reading We All Married Idiots could make that splash a flood! Sounds good to me!!!

Today We  All Married Idiots is available in print or as an ebook on line (, at your local bookstore, or autographed copies can be purchased by emailing me ( or through this website.

Enjoy the Idiots book trailer. It's a hoot!


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  1. Elaine,

    I did marry an idiot BUT my husband married an even bigger idiot, me!! I am loving your newest book and have recommended it to many already and look forward to blotting to share it with even more.

    Super big hugs,
    Lisa M Buske
    Http ://


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