Monday, June 5, 2017

Growing a Marriage to Full Bloom

Each Spring my heart jumps at the sight of the rhododendron surrounding our house. These gorgeous balls of purple lushness were planted (by a previous owner) the same year Dan and I were planted  as husband and wife. I don't know, I just think that's neat. Forty-seven years ago our love was new and so were these rhododendrons.

 Wow! Look at us now! Our marriage and the flowers are in full bloom!

There were years the rhoda's and the Miller's weren't so pretty. The rains hit too hard or not hard enough and our marriage and the flower buds struggled. But we held on to whatever we could to get through the storms beating us down. Grasping for fertile soil or a rock or anything that would help us stay alive during the difficult seasons, we embraced the promises we made on our wedding day, knowing with God nothing was impossible. After all, the Creator had a plan when He created us—a plan for the flowers and the marriage to flourish.

Forty-seven years later I stand in awe at the rhododendron and at Dan and me. Our love is in full bloom and beautiful. Thankful to God that when the years were lean and the branches empty, we didn't give up and decide to cut us down. We held on to You. We held on to each other. We endured the pruning You did and even the ugly we did to each other.

How do you  grow a marriage to full bloom? Hold on and never let go. I'm so glad we did.

May God splash serenity on your marriage. Remember, nothing is impossible with God.



  1. You are always a breath of fresh air and hope, thank you. May you and Dan continue to encourage others, and marriages as you speak and travel.

    Love and hugs,
    Lisa M Buske

  2. Dear sweet Lisa, I remember writing a blog about your marriage thriving through tragedy. May our Lord Jesus Christ strengthen both of our marriages as we serve Him. Love you. Miss you.


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