Monday, March 8, 2021

My Covid Journey — Why Me? covid-19 Was Not in My Five-Year Plan

Why am I here isolated in a covid ward? 
For the same reason you are there!
To glorify God.
To bring light and hope to a dark and hopeless world.

When cancer surprised me five years ago, 
instead of wondering 
Why me?
I pondered
What now? 
How then will I live the rest of my days?

I determined to see my cancer as an opportunity to 
 bless the people in my new cancer world.
Not an obstacle to God's plan (or my plan) for my life, or
a reason to complain and be miserable.

 I must admit though,
covid-19 was not in my five year plan.

Believing God has a plan and a purpose for every day of my life,
I asked Him to reveal His purpose for me in the covid season of my life.

Look around you, Elaine. 
You are surrounded by hurting people.

What can you do to help them?

I can pray.

If these were my final days,
I wanted to end them well,
with joy,
watching for opportunities to bless.

  I was overwhelmed with 
love and prayers and compassion for Caregivers.
As I watched, 
I saw 
their suffering,
their exhaustion,
their tears,
their sacrifice,
their daily dance with death.  

They risk their lives so I might live.
They silently serve sacrificially.

My purpose in a hospital covid bed?
 Pray for every person who entered my room.
 physical therapists, 
respiration therapists,
 food deliverers, 

All sacrificed their health to care for contagious covid sufferers. 
And they did so with such love.

What was the result?
Some cried.
Some returned my prayer.
All thanked me.
Some held me,
touched me (not recommended in covidland),
and prayed with me.

We cried together and trusted Jesus, 
knowing as Moses knew when God spoke to him during a plague,

"But I have raised you up for this very purpose, 
that I might show you My power and 
that My Name might be proclaimed in all the earth." 
Exodus 9:16 

When our days are weary, 
let's not ask God, "why?" 
Instead, realize there is a purpose in suffering. 
Proclaim His Name.
Show His Power!

And watch the suffering fade away.
Splashes of Serenity,

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