Monday, March 24, 2014

Romance Begins in the Kitchen

Me: I love my new farm sink.

Dan: Do you love your farmer?

Me: I don't have a farmer.

Dan: I'm going to get me a chicken!

How could I not love this guy? I always have my eyes open for a story. Dan always has his heart open for romance.

Husbands and wives, if your spouse seems preoccupied with things like farm sinks, think of creative ways to grab their hearts' attention toward you.

I guarantee my farmer got a big kiss!

Still romancing after 44 years.

My husband is a splash of serenity to me. Do you bring serenity to your spouse?



  1. Love it! By the way, that sink is awesome!!!!!

  2. Thanks! So is the farmer!

  3. obviously mr. greenjeans needs lots of hugs. but I do love that sink!


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