Tuesday, April 15, 2014

God Resurrects Dead Marriages

Feeling empty inside? Your life, your marriage hurting?

This Holy Week  fix your eyes on Jesus. Cry. Pray. Believe. Thank.

 Focus on the work of Christ on the cross and the power of God displayed in the resurrected body of once dead and now alive Jesus. Awesome.

God has the power to take your empty life, your dead marriage, and your hurting heart and make you alive again. Ask Him. I did and He answered my prayers more than I asked and imagined. God wants to give you a life and marriage better than you can imagine. Imagine that!

 I write about my spiritual journey in We All Married Idiots. I'm thrilled for each life touched through words and experiences God gave me to tell.

This Holy week when I want to marvel in the beauty of His holiness, I am distracted. You see, this week, Holy Week, God lifted We All Married Idiots up and placed it No. 1 best selling Kindle book under dating and relationships as well as No. 2 book for dating and relationships and No. 4 Kindle for marriage.

Amazing! You see, I almost killed this book the night before it was published. satan entered and doubts filled me. My calm husband asked, "Who gave you this book? Who put the title in your heart? Who placed the 3 things you will never change about your marriage and 10 things you can into your brain?" I knew the answer and I pressed the submit key in obedience to God's call to write a book titled We All Married Idiots.

This book is a Holy Work of God. He gave me the words and experiences to share how God took my dead marriage and my dead life and made it alive again. A testimony of the resurrection power of God  to raise Jesus from the dead, and to raise me too! And you.

I sit back in awe as God works. Yesterday I signed a contract allowing We All Married Idiots to be translated into Bosnian. The Spanish translation is almost ready for publication. Russian translators are at work as Russians discuss We All Married Idiots in their book clubs.

Last weekend I spoke at Montrose Bible Conference. I met the Asian stranger at the coffee machine. We talked about our lives and I told her about my books. She bought them and asked, "Can I translate We All Married Idiots into Chinese? This is a very practical book that would be helpful to Asian people."

 My dear God, I'm running out of socks to knock off!

God opens the door to the tomb, and God opens doors for the world to read this book. His Book.

God opens the door to the tomb, and God opens the door to your heart to receive His healing, His direction, His peace. His life.

Thank you Lord for showing your awesome love and power this Holy Week on a cross, in a grave, in the sky, and in a heart sitting in a little corner office on Lakeview Drive.

Please pray that people reading We All Married Idiots will realize the most important relationship they have is the one with Jesus Christ. He's not an idiot. He is God. He died for you. He rose again. He lives today. He can resurrect your marriage and your relationships and make them alive again. I know. He did it to mine.

Blessed Resurrection Day, dear friends,


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