Friday, June 28, 2013

Marriage in Crisis. What Can the Church Do?

One divorce every thirteen seconds according to the U.S. Census.
The divorce rate for those over 50 has doubled in the last 20 years says the Chicago Tribune.
No one will argue the state of marriage is in crisis.
At a recent book signing, I talked to a 19 year old, a 91 year old, and a few in between who share my passion for marriage. Here are their thoughts and mine:
Marriage Classes for Single Millennials.  The 19 year old single college student approached me hungry for information and craving assurance about marriage. He said he wanted to marry one day, but he was afraid.  According to him, many young people today fear marriage because of the unhappiness they see it brings. What a sad thought. Perhaps our churches need classes on marriage for millennials. This college student admitted being clueless about marriage. He wanted a clue before diving in for a lifetime.
Pastors, Please Preach on Marriage. Young people want to know what God says about two becoming one. They are inundated with sick and distorted images of the world's view of this sacred union. Let's fight the battle for marriage from the pulpit. Dear older and younger single saints, please don't complain about teaching on marriage. This teaching is relevant to you too!
Post-Marriage Counseling.  What a great idea! A Pastor bought We All Married Idiots to use for post-marital counseling. He counsels a couple before he marries them and counsels them again when the wedding bells stop ringing.

          Keep Learning and Investing in Marriages.  My sweetest surprise came when a 91 year old retired missionary bought We All Married Idiots. The next day he returned with this report: "I stayed up four hours reading your book. I laughed so hard! I want another copy to give to a couple I know have marriage problems."

          After 70 years of marriage, this nonagenarian (That means someone in their 90's. I looked it up!) still desired to learn how he could be a better husband. Then he invested what he learned by buying a book and offering counsel to a young couple.

          What an inspiration! No matter our age, we can learn and we can encourage.

Pray for Marriages. A ministry couple admitted being unhappily married for 27 years. Scanning Three Things You Will Never Change About Your Marriage in We All Married Idiots, they realized "our arguments always relate to these three things." Hopeful and smiling, they bought Idiots anxious to read it together. Please pray for ministry marriages under attack and for others who wear smiles on their faces and pain in their hearts.

We won't impact this world for Christ if our marriages are falling apart and our youth fear God's plan to marry. Something to think about. Let's hear your thoughts on how the church can stop the marriage crisis.

FYI, I am teaching a marriage seminar on We All Married Idiots at Delta Lake Bible Conference Center Family Camp, at 9:30 a.m. on July 4. Spread the word and change marriages!

Splashes of Serenity to you as we share God's love to a hurting world,

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  1. No public comments yet, but I received two private messages saying the church has to wake up to the marriage crisis and minister to hurting marriages. Do you agree?

    I do,


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