Thursday, August 16, 2012

Marriage! Having Fun Yet?

On the merry go round of life, are you and your honey having fun? I hope so. Dan and I work at playing hard. Aferall, God says we are His kids. I plan on acting like one.

Please, for the sake of your marriage, work at having fun with each other.

Schedule those play dates. 

Remember what you did when you first fell in love? Do it again.

Re-visit where you said "yes" and where you honeymooned.

Find a common interest. Dan loves to golf. I didn't, but I gave it a try. Now, I love golfing too. The quietness of the course, the sweet conversations as we walk the links, and the fun competition. Ha! There are days I outdrive him! Fun!!!

Dan insisted that twice a year we honeymooned, just the two of us. When I balked and said we couldn't afford it, his answer rang true, "A weekend away is cheaper than marriage counselling or a divorce." How I treasure those two days twice a year celebrating our love. Our children didn't suffer. They learned that mom and dad made their marriage a priority. That is a comforting thought each child deserves.

Last weekend we enjoyed a day at Saranac Lake and took a spin on the Adirondack Carousel! What a beautiful and fun place.

 The Carousel is unique with all hand-carved Adirondack animals.

My favorite is that pesky black fly!

 A trout picture for son Sam. He's still looking for this one!

A snapping turtle gave me a whole new reason for keeping my fingers inside my kayak.

Dan's always promising to catch me a delicious bass! Check out the loon behind us. So cool.

Many of our weekends away happen in the Adirondack Mts. So, this Carousel holds a special place in our hearts.

Create memories with your beloved. Grow old together laughing and loving and acting like kids.

Splashes of Adirondack Serenity and fun prayed for your marriage today,



  1. Cute shoes...oh and great post. :)

  2. I have never had one person ever tell me I have cute shoes! Thanks, Jody!!! Hugs.

  3. Elaine and Jody,

    Oh my gosh, I was going to comment on the "cute shoes" too. Too funny! We are all thinking alike, ahh!! LOL

    Seriously though, thank you for sharing your two days with us. Something so simple that can make a huge impact on both one's marriage but on the marriage we model to our children.

    Thanks Elaine!
    Lisa M. Buske

  4. Elaine thanks for sharing your wonderful story. I'm separated at the moment and it's been 6 long hard months. She says she's not in love with me & I'm worried she'll divorce me. I pray that I could have happy days like you & your husband do. This depression hasn't gone away. Be blessed

    1. I'm sorry for your sad life right now. I hope you will get counselling for yourself and for you and your wife as a couple. Interesting, I state in my book,"We All Married Idiots" that "I just don't love him anymore" is not grounds for divorce. Feelings change. You might not love your spouse today, but you might next week or next year or in five years. I encourage couples to hold on and work at returning love. May the Lord bless your commitment to her and heal your marriage.

      Praying for hurting marriages,


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