Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Healthy Marriages Make Healthy Churches

Dan and I desire to share our marriage story at your church or retreat center.

Dan's retirement as Pastor and District Superintendent with the Christian and Missionary Alliance provides us with time to pursue our passions. One close to our hearts is growing healthy marriages. You see, we almost threw away our marriage, and we want to prevent other couples from making the same mistake.

Let us laugh with you, teach you, help you experience marriage as God intended.

A husband wrote this from our last retreat: "I just really wanted to let you know what an amazing time we had hearing from you and Dan. We hope to be able to attend the conference in January at Montrose. I just really wanted to say thank you, and let you know what a blessing it's been for Elice and myself to hear from you both. Thanks again!" ~Thomas Slavin

Our next marriage retreat is at Montrose Bible Conference, January 30-Feb 1, 2015. For more information see:
For reservations, please call Montrose at 1-800-598-5030.

If you would like to schedule a marriage retreat at your church or retreat center, please email us at SplashesofSerenity@yahoo.com or call us at 607-527-6067.  We're flexible and affordable. Call and let's schedule a one-night, one-day, or weekend get away for the couples of your church and community.

Throughout our 44 years of marriage, annual weekend getaways to concentrate on our marriage were non-negotiable. Please make time away with  each other a priority.  There is a divorce every 13 seconds in this country. Let's change that statistic.

Healthy marriages make healthy churches.

Splashes of Serenity!


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