Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Boomer Marriages Going Bust

The divorce rate among people 50 and older has doubled since 1990  reports The New York Times, The Chicago Tribune, The Washington PostThe Wall Street Journal, and other sources.

A lengthy marriage does not guarantee immunity from divorce. Certainly, many over  50's have settled into a ho-hum he does his thing and she does hers mentality. Living more like brother and sister, roommates, strangers, or enemies is not what God planned when He joined you and your beloved as one for a lifetime.

What are the causes of a late-in-life divorce? Marriage for those over 50 brings financial, health, empty nest, and retirement challenges a couple never considered when they skipped through their days singing "We've Only Just Begun."   

Perhaps Carly Simon's sad song on older marriage plays in the background of their minds as couples live the reality that 25+ years together may have the two of you growing apart and drowning in love's debris. 

Older couples need help. Statistics and song writers can't all be wrong.

God's plan for marriage is that you don't just survive, but you thrive til the end of your days. 

Many marriages do thrive in old age and attest to the joys of enduring love that grows stronger each year. This is the marriage I pray for each of you.

My heart beats for marriages, which is why I took four years of my life to write We All Married Idiots. Many older couples have written to me that Idiots helps marriages of all ages. I pray it will help yours.

Recently, a husband married 26 years wrote me with this testimony:

"I can't say enough about the content of We All Married Idiots and how it changes lives, but most importantly, hearts. I was in the worst place in my life with my wife of 26+ years when she wanted a divorce, not to mention 6 beautiful children. My friend and pastor, lent me this book and it changed me. Most of all it was ALL the scripture I needed to overcome the sadness. Also, I got my Christian wife to read it as well. She read it and I believe that she was convicted by the Holy Spirit, and our marriage was saved. Praise God! We are in love now more than at our wedding! Thanks for writing such a powerful book. I have to give the book back to my pastor, but I will definitely be buying one for myself and my wife. We plan to read it from time to time to keep our marriage strong and filled with Christ!" ~ a happy husband

Is your marriage struggling? Please don't give up. Don't drown in love's debris. Hold on to your marriage and hold on to the scripture and truth written in We All Married Idiots.  I hope you'll buy a copy for yourself or for a hurting couple. We all no someone in marriage trouble. Won't you care enough to invest in their marriage?

Let's keep boomer marriages booming!

Splashing serenity and hope for gray-haired marriages!


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