Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Resurrecting a Dead Marriage

God can take a dead Jesus and make Him alive again. God took our dead marriage and made us alive again, and He can do it for your marriage too!

 Pastor Dave Bretch interviews us on his "I Want a New Marriage" sermon series. You can watch at

May God give a splash of serenity to your marriage every day.

Friday, March 31, 2017

Laughing at Cancer. A Glimpse into my Journal

My journal entry written the day I learned I had cancer made me laugh out loud. I hope you are encouraged reading my unedited thoughts. Go ahead. Have a laugh on me.


So pretty. So feminine.
It almost sounds like a young maiden's name.

I think I'll call you Leu on days you treat me spunky—like a hurricane roaring through my body.

On pleasant days I'll call you Mia and sing,

I just met a girl named Leukemia.
And suddenly I see how beautiful the world can be.
Say it loud and there's music playing.
Say it soft and it's almost like praying.

How true. If I have to die of a disease, I'm glad it has a pretty name like Leukemia. 
A name that makes my death the beautiful event it will be as God takes my hand and ushers me to
 the Divine—
My eternal home—
the place I was born to live—
where there are no more tears or pain and I will enjoy beauty as I've never seen before.

I'm glad I won't die of rheumatoid or arthritis or heart attack or tuberculosis or blood clot or alzheimers, train wreck, or car crash.

I will make my exit arm in arm with the lovely Leukemia."

Ha! Only God could give me a sense of humor, total peace, and a song when my world came tumbling down. 

Truly God did not lie when He promised me in Isaiah 43:1-3 (NIV): 

". . . 'Fear not, for I have redeemed you;
I have called you by name;
you are mine.
When you pass through the waters,
I will be with you;
and when you pass through the rivers,
they will not sweep over you.
When you walk through the fire,
you will not be burned;
the flames will not set you ablaze.
For I am the Lord, your God, the Holy One of Israel, your Savior . . ."

I'm so glad God has a sense of humor! Enjoy Him today. Surely, He is all the Splashes of Serenity we ever need.

PS: Surely, I am laughing at leukemia because God is choosing to keep me on this earth longer than we first expected. My blood counts are normal and we anticipate years before my exit with the grand belle leukemia. Thanks for your prayers.


Wednesday, March 22, 2017

My Cancer Miracle! Thank You for Praying!

"Did she just say I was terminal?" I asked my husband as the oncologist left us alone to digest the test results.

"We're all terminal." The only words my hand-holding husband could say as he comforted me and grasped his own sudden grief.

We didn't tell anyone. Not one. Try telling your children you are soon to die. Impossible to do. A mother's heart can never hurt her child. I couldn't inflict that pain on them. Not yet.  I was still stage 0, so we held on to that hope and the promises of God to carry us through this quick journey to Heaven.

Doctors chastised us. "You must tell people. Your children need to know. You can't bear this alone." The conclusion of test results saying "rapid progression, low survivability, high risk, not responsive to treatment" haunted me all hours of the day and night.

Then it happened. I got sick. Thanksgiving 2016 I thanked God that He had given me nine months, because in one month I went from stage 0 to stage 3 high risk leukemia.

"We've got great news for you!" was not what I expected to hear the oncologist say. "A new drug specifically for high risk leukemia has just been approved. You take three pills a day. There are no
side effects. You won't get sick or lose your hair. It has a 90 percent effective rate."

Good news indeed! The week before Christmas Dan and I prayed over our pills (Ha! They are our pills, not my pills, because from day one Dan assured me we are one in sickness and in health.)  We asked God to Please destroy the leukemia and keep it from progressing. And please Lord, let me be in the 90 percent where they are effective and not the 10 percent who die.

Celebrate with me that I had no side effects from the medicine and the best news ever:

Last week my blood count was normal!!! 

"Phenomenal!" my oncologist gasped and then said again, "This is phenomenal!"

Why are we surprised? We're not. We have a phenomenal God who can do not only the impossible, but also the phenomenal.

Thank you for your prayers. Oncologists expect I will live a full and long life. What joy knowing He has more work for me to do here on earth.

Yes, I am writing a book as I travel the cancer road, for God has taught me much about the joy of life that healthy people miss. Please pray my words will be God's words. Thank you.

Splashes of Serenity. Every day there are splashes of serenity. Don't miss yours today.

Monday, March 20, 2017

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Happy reading!


Thursday, February 23, 2017

I'm Pregnant!!!

I've been trying to get pregnant for years! Ever since my last baby was born. Month after month went by with no conception. My timing wasn't right, but God's timing is perfect. He had lessons to teach me before He allowed me another child.

Voila! Here's the photo of my recently conceived baby, still a bit fuzzy. Not quite sure how he or she will develop, but progressing nicely.

Authors compare writing a book to having a baby.

 I'm right now at that ecstatic stage. I want to tell the world I'm pregnant! A new book is on its way! So excited I want to shout the title from the rooftops, but my publisher and agent warn against divulging the name until the actual birth. Day by day my baby grows.

As excited as I am, I fear the days ahead knowing satan will do all he can to destroy my child and me. There will be sleepless nights when the baby just won't stop moving and I can't sleep. Middle of the night book writing is not my plan, but sometimes my unborn child won't settle down until the written page lulls him back to sleep. There will be worries that the baby will have something wrong with it or will have little impact in this world. And then there is the birth to look forward. Oh my, the pain of editing and having others chop up your masterpiece.

Delivery day is another moment of exultation. Huge announcements and parties and fun. Everyone will love the baby at first. But, there are always the doubters who think your baby isn't quite as cute as another baby they just read.

After delivery, reality hits. Oh my, am I prepared to parent this child? How do I market my baby so he or she becomes effective in the book world of competition. Truth is, once the baby is born, the real work begins. Raising your child. I don't expect to raise a genius, but I do pray some lives will be touched by His presence.

I just became pregnant and I am giving myself nine months to birth this book. The Lord may have other plans. Some books are early and some late. I leave it in His Hands.

Would you pray for me during this pregnancy, labor, delivery, and parenting a newborn to adulthood?

In my heart I feel this book could be a powerful source in the less-than-joyful world where we live.

My husband read the first chapter and said,

"That came straight from God. It looks like you need to write another book." 

And so I do.

Pray for Dan too. Expectant fathers must deal with craziness when their wife is expecting. I mean, sometimes I get so wrapped up in the script I forget to eat, ignore the time, and can neglect my man. Pray I will have words from the Lord in His timing, so I can finish the work He planned for me, while being an excellent wife to my dear Dan. Thank you.

Praying this baby brings splashes of serenity to many and to me as I write,


Friday, February 17, 2017

Life Lessons Learned in a Cancer Center Waiting Room

I'm glad I have cancer. Here's why:

I've met the most amazing people in the world. Why amazing? Well, because they have cancer and cancer changes you from mundane to amazing.

Cancer patients  

Live life to the full. 

Treasure the moments. 

Love deeply. 

Don't worry about the small stuff. 

Don't complain about the lateness of their doctors appt because they know 
(1) the person ahead of them may have gotten awful news, or 
(2) cancer patients aren't eager to hear what could be their own awful news. 

Cancer patients smile and greet everyone. 

They play like little children with little children. 

Cancer patients make each moment a God moment. 

They work at blessing people wherever they go. 

They smile. 

They live in the reality that this day could be their last, so they live full, and well, and joyful. 

They give because they know there is no reason to keep. 

They purpose to bestow a kind word of encouragement to every human they see. 

They don't complain about head colds or hang nails. 

I have never heard a political discussion in a Cancer Center waiting room.
 Their eyes are on the King, not the president.

Cancer patients want to give back all the kindness people gave to them. 

They live each day full.

Splashes of Serenity in the midst of cancer! Thank You, God for this gift.

Wednesday, January 18, 2017

When a Husband Learns His Wife Has Cancer

The tears. The silent knowing that in a moment of a test result your life has changed forever.

I read that the majority of  patient's reaction to a cancer diagnosis is,
"Why me, God?" 

Well, why not me? I mean I've sat at the bedside of young mothers taking their last breath. Why not me? Why them? Stupid questions that humans will never answer.

"You have leukemia" the doctor said.

"For the glory of God" I said.

 Just being honest. That's what I said. I mean, who knows what you will say when cancer rings your doorbell and death's door moves next door. You don't plan a speech for this moment  because you know it won't happen to you. But it did to me.

And what did my husband say? He held me and said "I'd do anything to trade places with you. I wish it was me and not you."  Bless this man who loves me as Christ loves the church.

True love.

How blessed I am to know the love of a man wishing he could die in my place 
and the love of a Savior who did.

"Husbands, love your wives just as Christ loved the church and gave himself up for her . . ." Ephesians 5:25

May you all know the great love of our Savior Who holds you when life falls apart.

PS: Praising God for "targeted therapy" which targeted the cancer cells, destroyed them, and continues to stop their progression, while leaving my healthy cells alone. So, no hair loss, no sickness, no side effects. I have full energy and look forward to many years of service to my Lord Jesus Christ and to my dear husband.

PPS: I wasn't going to share my story, but, as my first response was "For the glory of God," I realized, if I don't tell people, how will God be glorified?

Splashes of Serenity, in the midst of cancer. That's what God does. He never leaves. He never forsakes.

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