Wednesday, September 23, 2015

A Husband Needs a Wife — Not a Boss

A wife fulfills a role no one else can fill. She is her husband’s wife. Curious, I looked up “wife” in Roget’s Thesaurus and learned a wife is a “spouse, mate, bride, partner, companion, better half, consort, squaw, soul mate, ‘… crown to her husband.’ — Bible, and [oh my] ‘A former sweetheart.’ — Henry Louis Mencken.”
We do need to be careful not to be our hubby’s former sweethearts, don’t we? It’s easy to do. Some days we act less like a wife or a sweetheart and more like a boss. Perhaps we can learn from what happened to me.
door knob
My Dan came home late from a meeting that seemed more like a battle.  Physical exhaustion, weariness, and a burden of issues weighed heavy on him when he walked in the front door.  Poor Dan. His “former sweetheart” didn’t greet him with a kiss or a hug, a cold drink or a coffee. Instead, I pummeled him with questions. Our family  room filled with more tension than the board room he just left.

“What happened? Who said what?” I interrogated.

My sweet man didn’t answer.

Yearning for my embrace and hungering for my love, he held me close and whispered, “Elaine, I don’t need you to be my boss. I need you to be my wife.”
Lesson learned!
Our marriage changed that night. No longer would I greet my man with a barrage of discouraging questions, a list of complaints about my day, or a honey do list.  Now when Dan walks in the door he is loved, kissed, held, edified, cherished, and adored by his wife — who is working hard not to be his boss or his “former sweetheart.”
It’s a tough world out there. We need tender homes. When your honey walks in the door, hold him and greet him with a kiss. Make your home a sanctuary of love, acceptance, and contentment.
The words of Solomon’s bride echo in my heart when she says,
“Thus I have become in his eyes like one bringing contentment.”
Song of Songs 8:10 (NIV).
That’s my prayer and goal as a wife. Will you make it yours?

This story (and many other stories that will change your marriage) is written in my book, We All Married Idiots, or purchase on this website. Thank you.

May God Splash Serenity on your marriage!

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