Tuesday, January 13, 2015

My Best Marriage Advice

Want to add sparks to your love flames, leave the marriage-ruining busyness of every day, and go away for a weekend of marriage-encouraging rest with your spouse?

You and your love don't only deserve time away, you need time away.

For most of our 44 years of marriage Dan and I committed to going away alone for two weekends every year. Those weekends renewed, refreshed, and invigorated our love and passion for each other and our commitment to our marriage.

It's time you and your love spent some quality couple time.

Give your honey a gift he or she won't forget by making reservations to the Couples Retreat at Montrose Bible Conference in Montrose, PA, January 30 - February 1, 2015. Cost is $300 - $320 a couple, depending on accommodations. Call 1-800-598-5030 for reservations.

Dan and I will join you there where we will teach four sessions over three days. You'll laugh, you may cry, you'll have lots of free time, you'll not be threatened, you'll eat amazing food, you'll be glad you came. Whether married one year or fifty, you and your lover will go home with a stronger, healthier marriage.

Can't afford it? Montrose Bible Conference offers scholarships. Ask and you may receive.

Still can't afford it?  Well, it's cheaper than a divorce.

No babysitter? Swap with friends. We'll watch your children a weekend if you'll watch ours another weekend.

Too much work to do? Well, then you need this retreat more than you realize.

No excuses. What a delightful Valentine's gift you can give to your love by investing time in your marriage at a couples' conference.

Splashes of Serenity! Ahhhh. That's what a marriage retreat is — a spa for your marriage. I hope to see you there!


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