Monday, December 9, 2013

Clôsing on a Marriage

We're closing on our new house today, so why is my heart heavy? The couple selling their house are divorcing. Since I learned why this beautiful home was for sale, I started praying the couple would live their dream in the home they built together. For the next few hours, until we sign those papers, I will pray for reconciliation. I'd rather save a marriage than buy a house today.

We've never met the sellers. We do know their children are grown, they love dogs, she has a gift for decorating and color, and he is an amazing builder.  Several years ago they signed mortgage papers on this house they made into a home. Meticulous and hard working, they remodeled every inch of the 43 year old house in need of repair. Somewhere in the middle of rebuilding a home, their marriage crumbled.

I'm sad for them.   I feel guilty turning the key to the home they hoped to enjoy until death parted them. Instead, they created a cozy retirement retreat for my love and me.

It doesn't seem right, but does divorce ever seem right? I wonder if a year from now they will rejoice or regret their decision?

Eyeopener: The majority of divorced people regret their divorce.

Statistic: The divorce rate for people over 50 has doubled in the last 20 years.

Will you join me in the next few hours and pray for their marriage?

What a splash of serenity to not buy a house today!



  1. You definitely made me see this home in a new light. This new trend of older couples divorcing is sad.

  2. very few people really care when people get divorced. and they are very cavalier when it happens to people they know. I do think divorce is infectious. I think its a trend that runs in families. But I do think it's getting harder for long term marriages to survive because they get very little support in our society. I think this house needs you to bring back the joy.

  3. Oh my friend... My heart hurts with you. You know the story behind my own divorce, and the stress of reclaiming an old house was hard to go through... but it is not what cracked us apart. For us, it was a lack of honesty and loyalty, and a lack of commitment. Life is heavy, and if the foundation isn't built upon the only truly solid Rock, no house can stand.

    I'm so sorry to hear about this couple's journey taking this turn. I know even less about them than you, of course, but divorce is never a happy occasion, and is not a decision that is come to lightly or without a great deal of thought and sadness.

    I will join you in prayer for their future, wherever God takes their lives next. He will never leave nor forsake... May they be blessed, through meeting you. I know I have been.

  4. Oh Mary, I read the pain in your words. May our Lord Jesus hold you tight in the sad days and give you hope and joy and love as you follow Him. You are a sweet treasure in my life. Thanking God for you.

  5. Thea, thanks for your honest thoughts on divorce in our society. So true. Praying for marriages and for those affected by divorce. Love you, my friend.

  6. So sad and a good precaution to us all.


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