Wednesday, February 10, 2021

When Your Heart Hurts on Valentine's Day

Valentine's Day isn't a day of hugs and kisses for everyone. Devastated from a break up, a death, a difficult marriage, or never feeling loved by anyone, you feel Cupid's arrow shot right into your heart, and you hurt.

I hurt for you too. Please know you have a God who loves you.  He will never hurt you. You are His own precious treasure and His arms of love surround you. He cries "Cling to me!" and yearns to embrace you with His lavish love.

What can you do to celebrate Valentine's Day?  Choose to love!

Here are some suggestions to take you out of the Valentine's Day blues:

1. Bake heart shaped cookies and take them to your neighbor, a hurting friend, a nursing home, a widow, your newspaper carrier, a military family, your Pastor's family, anyone! Who doesn't love a sugar cookie!

2. Call someone who needs a word of encouragement!

3. Find a friend who is alone tonight and go out to dinner and celebrate the gift of God's love for you.

4. Volunteer to babysit for a young couple who needs a date and can't afford a babysitter. I know babysitting can be exhausting, so take a friend who can help. If you have the financial ability, bless the couple with money for their date.

5. Grab a Concordance and read every passage on love.

6. Take a hymnbook and sing all the songs with "love" in the title!

 At the end of the day, wrap yourself in Jesus's arms and sing "Jesus loves me. This I know. For the Bible tells me so." Rest in Him aware of His great love for you. It's true, you know. Jesus loves you.

There are so many ways to celebrate love! Let's hear some ideas from you.

May your Valentine's Day be filled with love as you love others!




  1. Elaine,

    My favorite aspect of this blog is your encouragement to the hurting, lonely, and discouraged people reading it.

    There is a life-lesson for us all in this blog. Instead of sitting around and waiting for someone else to bring us cookies, or do something for us ~ let us be the first one to take the effort to share some love.

    I know personally, when I do something for someone else, my spirits are lifted throughout the entire process. There is such joy involved when giving and doing for others. :)

    Thank you for the reminder. May we all reach out and do for others with not expectation of something in return, unless you count the warm fuzzies in our own hearts.

    Lisa M Buske

  2. Thank you for making V-Day just a little less of a twisted joke, my dear friend. I intend to spend the day with my kids and celebrating the One Whose love never fails, Who is love embodied.

    May you and yours enjoy many, many more happy V-days together.

  3. Love isn't love til you give it away. God bless and protect you and yours, Elaine! xo

  4. Mary and Thea,

    Our Lord Jesus loves you in ways no human can. He tops them all! And God — He is enough!

    Thank you for the encouragement you both are to me. I love you.

    May you enjoy a beautiful Valentine's Day wrapped in His love,


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