Thursday, May 10, 2012

Remembering the Day I Became a Mom

My only goal in life was to be a mom. I remember well the day I gave birth and God gave me a precious gift fresh from Heaven. Thanking God for the joys of motherhood, I share a reflection titled "Cheek-to-Cheek" from my book Splashes of Serenity: Bathtime Reflections for Drained Moms.

Words fail the feelings in my heart as I anticipate the arrival of my first-born child. Not as eager to greet me, she enjoys her peace and rest in the solace of my womb. I sing to her, talk to her, and jokingly name her "Hank." She is so loved and wanted in my life.

Her stubbornness showing even in her birth, she lingers too long and fights the muscles miraculously working to bring her from my womb into my arms. Hands strapped to my sides in preparation for an emergency C-section, I am thankful to be kept awake and alert. I don't want to miss any of her life. Her first cry brings big tears of joy and relief to me. Unable to move, I plead to see her and to touch this miracle. My arms ache more from desire to put my child in my arms than from the operating table restraints.

A faceless nurse brings still-crying Joanna to me and places our faces cheek-to-cheek. Our tears melt into one as a final farewell to our oneness. I smile and speak a simple, "I love you, Joanna." Her crying immediately stops as she hears the familiar voice of her mother. We are bonded forever. I long to dance through life with her cheek-to-cheek. To never leave her. To always assure her of my love. To share every tear and celebrate every joy.

God is like this. He desires to go dancing through life with us cheek-to-cheek, our tears meltng with His. He is always eager to say, "I love you, my child." How often we resist Him as we seek every road and piece of advice but His. We don't want to be born into His kingdom. We like it in our worldly womb. All the while, He is calling us to Himself, waiting for us to stop struggling in our own strength and to come to Him. He longs to hold us, comfort us, and help us through life's joys and trials. He is our "Abba"—Daddy, and He wants the first dance.

Oh Lord, I remember the joy of holding my first-born child. Remind me that you experience the same joy when I rest in Your arms. I don't want to dance through life without You. Let us go cheek-to-cheek together and let me always follow your lead.

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Blessed Mother's Day! Enjoy the treasure God gave to you when He gave you a child to love,


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  1. Elaine,

    I can hear your soft and tender voice speaking this as I read, as if you sitting righg next to me. Maybe an audiobook is next?

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