Thursday, March 22, 2012

Oh, How I Love My eReader!

This can't be! Me, who wanted to die without ever owning a computer. Cellphone? No thank you. GPS? Well, that might be nice. eReader? No way!

I'm a book-holding, page-turning, imaginary ink-smelling kind of a gal. At least, I thought I was until my husband bought an iPad with a Kindle. Stubborn—that's what I am. I wasn't going to download anything—ever.

Until I learned my new book is going to be a print book and an eBook. Well, of course, I'll download my book!

Plus I'm a winner. Commenting on blog book give-aways, I win free books—E as well as print.  The inEvitable download happened and so did my acceptance of another gadget in my life.

I love my Kindle! In fact, my poor hubby (who bought it, by the way) says, "You aren't bringing that to bed are you?"

(Marriage tip: Dan and I decided years ago after attending a marriage retreat that TVs and  computers do not belong in our bedroom. That room is our sanctuary from the world.)

 But books are all right.  Especially, if we read them together. Dear man, I've had to convince him he should not be jealous of an eReader.Well, maybe he has reason since I walk around the house singing "I love my Kindle! Oh yes I do-ooo."

Here's why:

     ~It's easy to hold while I read in bed or the car or on the terrace. Not heavy, yet sturdy, it rests nicely on my knees.

    ~ It houses many books. On a trip I take one small tablet and choose whether I want to read a novel, a book on writing, a devotional book, the Bible, or a book on marketing.

    ~ If I don't like those choices, I'll look up another book and download my heart's desire.
    ~ I love books written 100 years ago. Wow, those books are free at a click of a button.

     ~Clutter be gone. My bookcases (plural) bulge with books. Bookmarks fall out of my drawers (although they disappear when I need one). No more! With one little top right corner push of a finger, Voila! A bookmark appears.

     ~Can't find your reading glasses? No problem. Another twitch of the finger and the print enlarges itself. Pretty cool. No more squinting to read the little print.

And here's the down side of this story:

    ~You can't get a bath with an eBook. That's a huge drawback for this girl whose favorite place to read is in the tub. Hoping I never risk that read and hear that SPLASH as my e-Reader hits the bubbles.That would not be serenity! 

     ~Reading an e-Book while treading the mill could be tricky too. You don't want to drop it for it will break.

    ~One can take notes and highlight on an eReader, but I haven't figured out how.

    ~I still love the feel of pages and the scent of a well-read book.

     ~Some books are available only as a print book and some only as an eBook. The book you desire may be available only on an eReader. 

I can't imagine life without my computer, couldn't stay connected without my cell phone, and wouldn't arrive anywhere without the GPS. Now I go to bed with a kindle and remind my dear husband he will never be replaced by a machine. I've taken another technological plunge. I pray it doesn't rob me of serenity.
Friends, enlighten me. What did I miss? What do you love and not love about your eReader?

 Soon We All Married Idiots: Three Things You Will Never Change About Your Marriage and Ten Things You Can will be available as an eBook. For those who love the touch of paper and the smell of print, that version awaits you too!

Happy Reading!



  1. Reading from my Kindle Fire(tablet) this morning in bed! Taking a leisurely morning to read God's Word! My KF was a birthday present from Rob. I love it for reading, I keep my prayer requests on it on a list app. I'm off to Iowa next week so will take it with me instead of a pile of books. Great minds think alike I wrote about this today too! Happy Thursday!

  2. Hi! I like having the Text-to-Speech dude who lives in my Kindle Keyboard read me to sleep. ;)

  3. I haven't taken the plunge yet because there is part of me that is stubbornly feeling like books are being replaced by technology. But you've painted it in such a good light that I may reconsider! ;-)

  4. The e-reader doesn't replace 'real' books. I still read those, but it sure makes things more accessible. If it helps me read God's Word more then I'm all for it. I was very hesitant too but am very happy with it.

  5. I also love my e-reader, but it'll not replace printed books. When I travel I love to read on it my eBooks downloaded from All you can books... a great site with so many titles where to choose from. We can have them with just one click and for free.

  6. Elaine,

    I didn't think I would cross over to the e-reader but after gifting one to my Mom for Christmas...well...I can't wait to have one myself. I'm leaning in the direction of the KindleFire. WooHoo!

    Lisa :)


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