Monday, November 7, 2011

Letting Jesus Lead Your Marriage Dance

Jenny proclaimed "Amen!" when my husband pronounced that she and our nephew, Jeff, were now "husband and wife." What a perky bride! It was a joy for Dan to marry two who really wanted to be married to each other.

As I witnessed the sacredness and participated in the fun of their wedding day, I remembered the truth that nothing will separate them from the love of God and I prayed nothing would separate them from loving each other.

It occurred to me that is what many married people do. They stop dancing together and they "let" things separate them. It's not a happy dance when we step on God's toes and His Plan for marriage by allowing material goods or friends or family or jobs or play or children or money or pride or selfishness to become more important than our spouses.

Jeff and Jenny, let nothing separate you from loving each other. As you dance through life, cling to each other and cling to God. Hold His Hands, and let Jesus lead. He loves you and He'll never let you go. Afterall, He joined you together as husband and wife. He pronounced an "Amen" along with you, Jenny!

Enjoy the dance Jesus planned for you! Hold His hands. Never let go! Don't step on His toes, but follow His lead.

Your wedding was a splash of serenity to me as I experienced the beauty of God's love through the beauty of your love for each other.

I love you,

Aunt Elaine

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  1. Elaine,

    A beautiful reminder to love our husbands with God leading the way. When we were married God was not the head of our household but He is now - such a blessing. I pray for a loving, Christian and devoted husband for our daughter daily, and for God to be their lead. Thanks for the reminder and joy.



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