Friday, October 26, 2012

A Tribute to the Pastor's Wife

This photo was taken the night of Dan's installation as District Superintendent in the Christian and Missionary Alliance. That night I changed roles from being a Pastor's wife to being a Pastor's wife to Pastors' wives.

I love the women who serve so sacrificially with their husbands. I pray for them because I know what a wonderful blessing it is to be called by God and yet....

I know what it is like to cry with your man. There are nights you don’t sleep because your Pastor husband beside you is tossing and turning and sweating in agony over unresolved church conflict. There are times you pray for your children until you have no words left. I know you have trouble and you feel all alone unable to share your heart with anyone. Those are the dark days in the parsonage....

I also know there are days when SON shines through the Parsonage windows. Who can fathom the joy of lost sheep being found when your husband preaches a life-saving message? How awesome of God to provide for your needs over and above what you asked or imagined. What satisfaction knowing God uses you and your husband to care for His Flock, to weep with those who weep and to rejoice with those who rejoice. Could anything be more meaningful than leading the lost to eternity? It’s worth it. Your life and your ministry matter.

I found this poem which I felt describes life in the parsonage pretty well. On this Clergy Appreciation Month, I honor Pastors' wives and thank you for your obedience to God's call.


There is one person in our Church
Who knows our Pastor’s life.
Who weeps and smiles and prays with Him,
And that’s the Pastor’s wife!

The crowd has seen him in his strength,
While bearing God’s Sharp Sword
As underneath God’s banner’s folds
He faced the devil’s horde.

But deep within her heart she knows
That scarce an hour before
She helped him pray the glory down
Behind the closet door!

She heard him groaning in his soul
When bitter raged the strife.
As, hand in hand she knelt with him,
For she’s the Pastor’s Wife.

You tell your tales of Preachers brave
Who marched across the world
And changed the course of history
By burning words they hurled

And I will tell how back of each
Some woman lived her life
Who wept with him and smiled with him,
She was the Pastor’s Wife!

~Author Unknown

Praying not for a Splash of Serenity, but a sweet-flowing Stream of Serenity as you serve God, your husband, your family, your church, and your world.



  1. Thank you, Elaine. I honestly needed to hear this today. It's been tough times in our parsonage lately and sometimes I feel like I'm sinking in the mire.

    I appreciate your ministry to us! You have truly been a blessing in my life and I'm so blessed to know that you are there with your encouragement.

  2. Love you, Terri. I'm holding up your arms in prayer!

  3. Oh my gosh! You have not changed - great genes your girls have to look forward too! We are thrilled to have you as our DS' wife!! And I'm double-blessed to call you friend!!!

    Thanks for serving!


  4. My life is blessed by you, Lisa. I thank God for you!

  5. Thank you Elaine-i needed this reminder! Blessings.


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