Monday, October 15, 2012

Please Get Squished and Squeezed--PLEASE!

Today I got squished. I wasn't looking forward to it, but breast cancer is a killer. I know. Too many women dear to me died of breast cancer--young.
Several left earth before 40--the age we are advised to get our first mammogram.

So girls, just because you are younger than 40, don't think you are safe. If there is no cancer in your family, don't be sure you are blessed with good genes. Some of my friends passed away with their healthy mothers and grandmothers grieving by their bedsides. Please check your breasts and see a doctor immediately if you feel a lump. I beg you to do this so your name doesn't appear on my heart as one who died too soon.

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month. We can do a lot to raise awareness: people run races for the cure, writers blog about being squished, pink is everywhere, women wear pink bracelets, pink nail polish, have pink parties in October. It's all good.

The most important thing you can do is not talk, but act. Go get that mammogram and then announce it to the world with your pretty pink toes.

Love you, girlfriends. I want to have you around a long time. Be a splash of serenity to me and comment on this post that "Yes, indeed, I had a mammogram this month."

Remembering my special friends now in Heaven. I write this for them and I write this for you,



  1. Only you can make getting a mammo sound like fun....almost. I love your heart and thank you for sharing splashes for our bodies, souls, minds, and spirits! :O)

  2. Have never had one but since I'll be fifty in January, I really do need to do it. Thanks for the reminder, Elaine!

  3. Diane--you just celebrated your 40th birthday. You know what that means? Make a memmo to get a mammo! Today!!!

    Terri--if this causes you to make an appointment, then I wrote it for you. Please call a doctor. I think some places give free mammograms. Do it today!

  4. What a cute headline to get our attention and remind us of our regular mammograms during National Breast Cancer Awareness Month. Thanks for a cute and vital article. Have a blessed week.

  5. Elaine,

    Thank you for this important reminder. As women, our mammos are actually life savers. I am a young 41 and have three mammos under my belt already. I know my family genes and so does my doctor. Early detection is vital.

    I had my first mammo at 30 "due to family history". Ladies, check with your insurance companies. If you have a family history, most insurances will cover your mammo starting at age 30 as a "preventative".

    Go Elaine! I don't think mine have been as much fun as yours but I have an established "baseline" just in case.

    Love ya,
    Lisa M Buske


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