Thursday, March 18, 2021

My Covid Journey — The Love Behind the Mask

 Singing was great therapy for my spirit as well as my lungs.
I sang hymns, childhood rhymes, and happy songs.
Often making up my own lyrics, 
like this one to the tune of 
"Little Green Apples."

She wakes me at 5 a.m. and she says, 
"Gotta give you a little poke and
 kiss this covid good-bye."

She holds my hand,
Loves with her eyes, and says,
"It's okay to cry."

Says a little prayer.
How I sense her care
so deep and so rare
she's willing to die.

And if that's not loving me?
Then all I've got to say,

 God protect the health care workers.
 Protect them from this disease.
Keep them safe from me.

My heart will never be the same, because 
I've known the love of Christ and the
beautiful people 
whose love can never be hidden
 behind a mask.

I will be forever thankful and appreciative of
health care workers who, 
in many ways,
suffer more than their patients.

Thank you, 
dear servants of God.
You touched my heart as you healed my disease.


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