Friday, March 19, 2021

My Covid Journey — When My Bubble Burst

The writing was on the wall.
I woke each morning to a white board greeting:
Elaine Miller weight _________________.
Well, good morning to you too!
Will someone send me a sledgehammer please.

The truth is the drugs pumped into me 24/7 made me round.

I laughed realizing five years ago 
when diagnosed with leukemia and a compromised immune system,

"You need to live in a bubble."
 were my oncologist's instructions.

Covid popped that bubble.

So, instead of living in a bubble, ha!
I was round like a bubble.
And my dear Dan says,
"You'll be my bubbleicious!"

Unfortunately, neither bubble baths nor showers are 
safe for anyone on massive oxygen.

 "Spa Day," 
announced a health care worker.
 What a great scalp massage she gave, 
washing my hair using the
cute shower cap filled with dry shampoo.

After weeks of dry shampoos, 
I was hungry for a real shower and shampoo.
My request was denied.

"You can not take that amount of oxygen into a shower.   
It isn't safe."
The nurse's response was final.

 "Easy solution! 
Take me off the oxygen and 
let me jump in the shower for a real quick shampoo.
I promise, I'll hurry."

"If you got a shower without the oxygen,
you would die."

My bubble burst.
The reality of the gravity of my disease hit me.

And yet,
 I knew
God's peace,
God's joy,
God's presence,
God's love. 

And God knew
my heart for Him,
my love for Him,
my peace in Him,
my assurance of Him.

Isn't it wonderful we have a God who doesn't care if 
we look like a bubble or a toothpick. 
Whether our hair is dirty or clean, 
He doesn't notice. 

I was a mess in my own eyes, 
but in God's eyes, well, 
He saw my heart.

" . . . . the Lord does not look at the things people look at. 
People look at the outward appearance, but 
the Lord looks at the heart." 
1 Samuel 16:7



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