Monday, March 10, 2014


  Carol Kent makes my list of people who changed my life. We met at her Speak Up Conference where I sat under her teaching and learned to communicate the Word of God and tell my story in a way that people will be drawn to Jesus Christ. Carol laughed and cried with me as I stood on a platform speaking for her evaluation. At the end of the week she signed me as part of her Speak Up Speaker Service.  My speaking abilities went to a new level as Carol taught me to speak up with confidence. Since then, numbers of  people have heard my story and responded to God's call to repent and believe in the Lord Jesus Christ.

God used Carol Kent to change my life and the life of every person who responds as I communicate the Gospel of Jesus Christ to people around the world. Just this month three prayed to accept Christ in Russia upon hearing how God worked in my marriage and my life.

What a joy to have Carol Kent endorse my book We All Married Idiots. She wrote: "Elaine W. Miller is a gifted communicator on and off the platform. Her book, We All Married Idiots, will have you rolling on the floor laughing while finding yourself personally challenged to develop biblical principles for a Christ-centered marriage. Each chapter provides fodder for discussion, self-examination, and personal growth. Buy one for yourself and additional copies to give away!"

Carol is the real deal. She knows suffering and sorrow and desires to love Jesus and glorify God through all her joys and pain. I love this lady and I admire her strength that brings her to her knees in daily surrender to God's will for her life and the lives of those she loves.

What a treat for me to review her new book, UNQUENCHABLE. 

Please take a look at her book trailer above and my review below.

"Where are you God?  Carol Kent's UNQUENCHABLE: GROW a WILDFIRE FAITH that WILL ENDURE ANYTHING answers that difficult question.  Join Carol and Jesus Christ on a powerful, personal, revealing  journey into the heart of her struggles with God and her son's life without parole sentence, into the heart of a woman whose husband and four children were killed in Rawanda, and into the hearts of others who struggle to find light when their world turns dark as Carol examines "What makes faith unquenchable? " UNQUENCHABLE is a must-read that gives strength and hope to those whose faith waivers under the weight of painful circumstances."

Are you hurting? Receive that splash of serenity from God and reignite the flame of God's fire in your soul by reading UNQUENCHABLE.


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