Monday, February 4, 2013

Expect God to Show Up at Your Book Signing!

Marketing, marketing, marketing! Professionals say publishing a book is 10 percent writing and 90 percent marketing. While drowning in the marketing pool, let's not forget our marketing and our writing should be 100 percent ministering to readers.
That's why I love book signings and speaking. I meet  people who live on the earth and not on a page. Humans with  flesh and feelings and pain more intense than the best author can write in a book.
This sign greeted me as I entered my Barnes and Noble book signing last Saturday. For a second I thought the signing was all about Elaine. Pinching myself back to reality, I prayed God would bring people to my table who need Jesus. He did. 

Happy couple walked in arm-in-arm in love. On a course set by the Savior, they strolled straight to my book table. Oh my, they could hardly keep their hands off each other. The scene was cute and fun and Norman Rockwell worthy. "We're getting married!" she announced! Picking up We All Married Idiots, she smiled and said, "We won't need this. You see, we've both been married before."

I couldn't help my response. The words flew from my mouth, "Then I think you need this book even more!" (I didn't tell her that second marriages have a higher divorce rate than first marriages.) "Are you going for pre-marital counselling?"

"Oh no. We've already been married. We don't need counselling."

"Well, then I think you need my book. Some Pastors are using We All Married Idiots for pre-marital counselling."

More somber, she looked into my eyes and said, "I think you're right." Her future hubby seemed a bit stunned as she grabbed We All Married Idiots and headed for the check out.

I've added this couple to my prayer list.

Another sweet one came to my table hesitant to buy my book. She said, "I'm divorced and I have no plans to marry again, so why would I need to read this?"

I told her the book is helpful for singles in dealing with all their relationships.

She looked at the long check out line and sighed, "There's such a long line and I'm anxious to leave. I really don't want this book." Silence. "Oh, all right. Will you sign it for me?"

Five minutes later she returned jubilant! "I started reading while in line to buy your book and I couldn't believe it. I read one page and what you said touched my heart and helped me with a situation right where I am right now. I want another book to send to my son and his wife. They are going through some difficulties. This will really help them."

Thanks, God, for giving me words to write and books to market. Thank You for giving me opportunities to minister to people.  Most of all, thank You God for showing up at my book signings!

What a Splash of Serenity!