Saturday, January 14, 2012

My Take on Tim Tebow

I sat watching the Steeler/Bronco's game wearing my Polamalou T-shirt and Steeler flannel pants. My head resting on my Steeler pillow, I sipped soda from my Steeler mug and cheered for the Bronco's! I couldn't help it. "Your father would be turning in his grave." Dan laughed.

I admire Tim Tebow, because I am thrilled to see a Christian love Jesus without shame or apology. We should be like him. It's a lot easier to hide our light. Yet, Jesus says we are to shine His light. We live in a world where we are afraid to do so. Good for Tim Tebow. He's not afraid.

My granddaughter's school had a parade where the students brought their favorite book and dressed like a character in that book. She dressed as an angel and carried her Bible. Some wondered if Gracie would get into trouble. She didn't.

The response to Tim Tebow is overwhelming. People are Tebowing all over the world. Many for the wrong reasons. That's all right. Others are now more bold about their faith and that is good.

In a world where we fear a seven-year old carrying her Bible in a school parade, I heard John 3:16 read on prime-time network news. Wow! May His Word not return void.

Tim Tebow invites a family who is critically ill to each football game. He pays their way. After each game he doesn't join the team doing what they do, he joins the family of the sick and celebrates with them. Now that's a role model our children need.

Please join me in prayer for Tim Tebow. You know the world and satan would love to see him fall.

Whether the Bronco's win or lose today, Tim Tebow is a winner and a splash of serenity and hope in a world that drains us and has us believing we better not mention Jesus. Thanks, Tim! You're not God, but you are a believer who inspires! May God use you.

Getting ready for the game!



  1. I just posted an article on my facebook page similar to this, I am thrilled my boys have someone they can look up too and see in the news. My daughter Lauren is going to be singing Kirk Franklin's "I smile" at her talent show in a few weeks, she has not had her audition yet but the thought has crossed my mind as to whether the school may dissapprove but she has her heart set on the song and the meaning of the song!

  2. Amen Elaine! I so agree with what you have written. He is a splash of serenity and an example of Christ to a very dark world.

  3. Not being a football fan, I was pretty much unaware of Tebow until about a month ago. He is so close to my son's age that my heart really goes out to him. I am praying that he will be able to stand strong, not succumb to the temptations which are swirling around him, and be able to remain humble.

  4. Elaine,

    I must confess to NOT be a football fan or watcher. BUT today...I will be watching the game with my husband and praying for Tim Tebow. Thank you for sharing.

    Lisa :)

    P.S. I might bring my netbook to the livingroom with me to work too. lol

  5. Yes, we, too, pray for Tebow--that the enemy doesn't sack him and that his actions continue to match his posture.

  6. I prayed for him and his team to win in the game weekend before, and they won. I want to see him win for God's glory and for all those who tease him about Tebowing. I say keep Tebowing. He's the real deal. I admire him, because he's not afraid to give God the glory, and he's not afraid to show his faith in God and the power of prayer. Blessings, BJ Robinson


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