Friday, January 13, 2012

A Christian Writer Must Cling to the Cross

I was asked this week, "What part does God play in my writing career?" My answer gave me cause for reflection:

God doesn't play a role in my career. God is my writing career.

As writers, our words are being read by the world. People from over 27 countries have read this blog. I've received emails from Christians in Pakistan thanking me and telling me the encouragement Splashes of Serenity is to them.

Words are powerful. We influence with words. Our words come from our hearts and our minds onto paper and then out to the world. For me, it is essential that my mind and my heart are pure and holy so that satan (I never capitalize his name) will have no entrance to my life, my pen, or my computer.

So, daily learning from His Word,and praying to Him are essential for me and for my writing and speaking. When my heart and my mind are empty of all else but Christ, the words flow. If the words aren't flowing, I get on my knees asking God to reveal sin in my heart that is keeping me from Him. I pray that all Christian writers have pure hearts so we can impact the world for Christ.

Writing is power. May we use the gift of words to tell the world of the hope of Christ. I encourage you to cling to the cross and write for Him. May we all hear from readers that our words brought them closer to Christ.

Clinging to the cross,



  1. I completely agree, my friend. I make adaily post, believing that God will use them to help strengthen the faith of those who check in.

  2. Elaine,

    Thank you for your words. Your first reflection grabbed my heart, He IS our career. Wow. There is power in the WORD, and in our words. I know when I am in THE Word, my words flow.

    Sometimes I have reread the following morning or day and said, "Wow, who wrote that?" yet I know there wasn't anyone physically on my computer but me - only God's inspiration and guidance on the keyboard.

    Thank you for this beautiful reminder and encouragement.

    Lisa M Buske


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