Wednesday, December 20, 2023

Merry Christmas 2023 From our Family to Yours



Everyone loves gifts at Christmas time. 

My grandson Isaac reminded me, 

"Grandma, Christmas isn't about presents.

 Christmas is about Jesus" [presence]. 

This Christmas, thank God for His Indescribable Gift which is 

". . . eternal life in Christ Jesus our Lord" (Romans 6:23).

Our hearts are filled with smiles and babies this 2023. 

What joy!

Our first great grandchild,

 Elaine Mae Sliwa, 

was born to Connor and Chassidy. 

She's cuter than any button and 

named after me and her other great grandma Elaine!

 (In case you didn't notice.) 

What an honor!

 This week we rejoice again as another precious gift arrived from Heaven,

Evelyn Jubilee Sliwa! 

Elizabeth's and Joe's 10th child and our 15th grandchild. 

I'm almost breathless at her tender beauty and sweetness. 

Thank you God for the gifts of baby Elaine and sweet Evie, 

sent to teach us much about the True Gift of God with us — Emmanuel!


Our grandgirl Ava became a bride in October
 marrying her love, Owen Yarka. 

Their love for each other filled our hearts afresh with 

the wonder of love and the goodness of God 

who gives us the gift of marriage.

Joanna and Bob enjoy watching their son Ryan excel at his giftedness in baseball. 

Gracie keeps advancing her lifeguard skills and college on-line as she makes her way in this world.

 Joanna and Bob continue using their gifts of 

teaching reading (Joanna) and bringing the Family Life Network news (Bob).

Elizabeth continues her studies toward a Masters degree of nursing/midwifery.

JoePro Services keeps Joe on the go making local homes beautiful. 

He does great work. 

Garrett's Army duties keep him far away but close to our hearts. 

Brenna, Charlotte, Isaac, Lucas, Gunnar, and Sailor hold down the Sliwa farm, 

and homeschool when they aren't loving on Evie.

Sam and Katie, Lily, Jack, and Holly moved to Dayton, Ohio where 

Sam serves at Wright Patterson AFB. 

I marvel at their ability to adapt, enjoy, and explore 

new homes, towns, experiences, schools, friends.

 That's a gift too.

 Proud of this family who serve our country.

We've had a great year. 

Dan and I are well.

 I remind myself often of my doctor's words, 

"I've had you dead twice, but here you are." 

 I respond as the angel said to Mary, 

"Nothing is impossible with God!" 

I love ending with an exclamation point!

Indeed, our life in Christ is an exclamation point for

Jesus is the greatest gift of all!

We are loved! 

We have a Savior!

 Baby Jesus came to bring salvation to all men!

 He is the Everlasting Father! 

The Prince of Peace! 

The Alpha and the Omega! 

All I can do is bow down and worship with a huge 

Hallelujah and Amen!!! 

May you be blessed this Christmas with the greatest present of all 

— the Presence of Christ in your life,


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