Saturday, December 5, 2020

Consider Buying a Pulse Oximeter in Your Fight Against Covid. Mine May Have Saved My Life

 I am not a doctor, scientist, or medical authority. Please take what you are reading as an unprofessional, but accurate, account of how I landed in the hospital just in time to fight Covid-19. 

I do have leukemia and a genetically compromised immune system which puts me at very high risk for Covid-19. My brother-in-law read about pulse oximeters, which calculate blood/oxygen levels in our bodies. Knowing of my condition, he gave us one to just make sure my oxygen levels are normal. Covid-19 attacks one's lungs and lowers these oxygen numbers.    

I was tested positive with Covid on October 9. I didn't get better and I began feeling more and more weak. Concerned, Dan asked if I had checked my oxygen level on the oximeter. 

 Sixty-eight! Wow! Red Flag! 

Mid-Nineties is normal.

 My doctor urged me to go to the ER where I was admitted and stayed for the next three plus weeks (with a good week in ICU).

Today, while home on oxygen, I am happy to be alive, thankful to God, and the many who pray for me. Covid damaged my lungs. My doctor says to expect a six-month recovery. Your prayers are appreciated that my lungs would heal and make oxygen. 

What would have happened if a pulse oximeter wasn't in my possession, I don't know. But I am thankful for God's nudge to check my oxygen level.

Now, I don't recommend everyone go out and buy this device. If you are under 65 and healthy, you probably don't need or want or would use one. 


I recommend. 

  Hey, all you children with older parents who don't need a thing for Christmas. 
They need this.

This Christmas season never forget that covid is not the big C. Christ is the big C. He is our Healer and Savior and the coming King! Keep your eyes fixed on the Baby Jesus this wonderful Christmas time and rejoice!


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