Tuesday, October 1, 2019

My Just-for-Fun Birthday Poem

Oh, happy birthday fun!
Today I am seventy-one!
So thankful God gave me this race to run 
And allowed me the joy of being seventy-one.
I'll rise early with the sun
And celebrate 'til the day is done.
I'll start the day with a birthday bun
Knowing there's a birthday cake to come!
I'll spend the day golfing with my hon.
Thankful for my two daughters and a son.
Thirteen grandchildren I love a ton.
In this race called life I'd say I've won.
Another birthday I will not shun
Because God's plan for me it is not done.
Another book I've just begun!
Hooray! Leukemia has come undone!
Trusting targeted therapy will prevent a rerun!
So, I refuse to be happy birthday blue.
As I pray God gives me birthday seventy-two!

Happy Birthday Splashes of Serenity on me today!


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