Friday, February 17, 2017

Life Lessons Learned in a Cancer Center Waiting Room

I'm glad I have cancer. Here's why:

I've met the most amazing people in the world. Why amazing? Well, because they have cancer and cancer changes you from mundane to amazing.

Cancer patients  

Live life to the full. 

Treasure the moments. 

Love deeply. 

Don't worry about the small stuff. 

Don't complain about the lateness of their doctors appt because they know 
(1) the person ahead of them may have gotten awful news, or 
(2) cancer patients aren't eager to hear what could be their own awful news. 

Cancer patients smile and greet everyone. 

They play like little children with little children. 

Cancer patients make each moment a God moment. 

They work at blessing people wherever they go. 

They smile. 

They live in the reality that this day could be their last, so they live full, and well, and joyful. 

They give because they know there is no reason to keep. 

They purpose to bestow a kind word of encouragement to every human they see. 

They don't complain about head colds or hang nails. 

I have never heard a political discussion in a Cancer Center waiting room.
 Their eyes are on the King, not the president.

Cancer patients want to give back all the kindness people gave to them. 

They live each day full.

Splashes of Serenity in the midst of cancer! Thank You, God for this gift.

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