Monday, December 30, 2013

The Best Gift You Give to Your Children is the Gift You Give to Your Spouse

Susie wants a pair of skates. Tommy wants a sled. Oh, those were the days! Today, Susie wants an American Doll and Tommy wants an IPad. Fulfilling your children's Christmas dreams hurts your wallet.

Parents desiring to please their children may agree that Mommy and Daddy won't exchange gifts with each other this Christmas. They pat themselves on the back assured that parenting and Christmas is all about what's good for the children. Isn't it?

Have you considered the best gift your child will receive is watching mommy and daddy open gifts they give to each other? That gift touches your child's heart, never disappoints, can't be broken or thrown away with the wrapping.

Our children watch us to see what marriage is like. What are your children learning about your marriage on Christmas morning? 

Nurturing a marriage nurtures your children.

Splash serenity on your family by being generous in love towards each other,


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