Saturday, December 21, 2013

Merry Christmas 2013 From Our Family to Yours

I love Christmas letters. They aren't as meaningful today since everyone sees everyone's children and daily lives on the social networks. But Christmas letters are about people and Christmas is about people — all the people of the world.

"For God so loved the world that he gave His only son that whoever believes in Him will not perish but have everlasting life." John 3:16
What a gift is the Baby Jesus to all the children of the world.
I pray you believe in Him.
Here's our Christmas letter:

Gifts! Gifts! And more gifts! Searching for the perfect gift to bless my loved ones, I realized how futile is this quest. After all, the only perfect gift was given when God sent His Son Jesus to us. There is no other gift that will fill an empty heart like the gift of Jesus to you. We celebrate Jesus this Christmas, and thank Him for other gifts, of much less value, bestowed on our family.

In August 2014 Dan plans on enjoying the gift of retirement. Hoping that gives some more time for activities like this.

 God gifted us with a beautiful retirement home 15 minutes from both of our daughters.We won't move until Dan's present term is over on August 1.

 Dan and I look forward to our final six months as the Christian and Missionary Alliance Northeastern District Superintendent and wife. A gift, really, serving the fine Pastors and wives in New York State.We thank Him for the gift of ministry He called us to over the past 27+ years, as we anticipate continuing  to serve Him until He calls us Home.
An added blessing is ministering overseas. For the past six years or more we served as Pastoral Care Couple in Bosnia. In January 2014 we'll speak and bring gifts to International Workers in Russia as well as Bosnia. What joy fills our hearts serving the Savior of the world.

My book, We All Married Idiots, was a gift to me and to marriages around the world. There were weeks Idiots was on Amazon's best seller list. In 2014 the Spanish translation releases as a gift to Spanish-speaking couples.

My speaking ministry keeps growing like a sweet gift that keeps on giving. Thirty-six people prayed with me to believe in the Lord Jesus as their Savior this year. Each one a gift to God. How can we ever say thanks for eternal life?

Our children are gifts to us. Gifts that bless us more than we ever asked or imagined.

Joanna and Bob are blessed with the gift of creativity and humor as shown in Bob's work at Family Life Network and Joanna's in the classroom. Gracie and Ryan are gifted with strong, healthy bodies, and intelligent minds.  We thank God for them as beautiful gifts to us.

Elizabeth and Joe were gifted with a farm this year. Be blessed by her website at  Their gifts abound as baby #7 arrives in 2014. He'll fit right in between the goats, pigs, cat, dog, and 6 lively sibs. Joe was gifted with employment at Family Life Ministries. Thankful. Elizabeth loves delivering the gift of babies at Arnot Ogden Hospital. Their home-schooled brood are sweet-spirited and fun. Check out Lizzy's goat milk products at You'll like them. Beautiful gifts.


Sam and Katie receive a precious gift in 2014 when the Lord presents them with their first child. They moved to Colorado in 2013, and any time we share is a great gift to us. The Air Force will gift Sam with promotion to Major in 2014. Their first home purchase and God providing a good church nearby is a gift a parent treasures.
God gifted our family with my mother who celebrated 92 years in 2013. Each day with her is a delightful gift. We love you, Mom, and thank God for the gift of you.
Jesus is the perfect gift!  He fills our empty hearts with eternal peace — not a two-week rush of happiness. This Christmas I thank God for Jesus — His Indescribable Gift to us, too wonderful for words.
Merry Christmas Splashes of Serenity,

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