Monday, November 25, 2013

A Cure for the Christmas Cranky?

I love Christmas, but I don't always love me at Christmas. The busyness of buying and baking and wrapping and decorating makes me weary (and cranky). I confess that in December my time with the Lord seems more like the Christmas rush.

Why do I stress doing all I put pressure on myself to do when Christ says It is finished? Why spend days seeking the perfect gift when the Only Perfect Gift has already been given?

No need for visions of sugar plums dancing in my head. I already have it all because I have Jesus!  All I want in my head this Christmas is Him!

I love Jesus and He loves me. That's all I need for Christmas.

So, how do I keep my Christmas focus on Christ? I love curling up with Jesus and a good advent devotional book, feeling His Arms of love surround me as my heart rests in Him and His Word. This year I am reading One Clear, Still Night: 31 Advent Devotionals with Inspirational Readings, Recipes, and Ideas to Help Make Christmas Meaningful written by Terri A. Groh. One Clear, Still Night keeps  me from joining the rush and crush of Christmas, as I focus on the One Who came on a clear, still night to keep my mind clear (not cluttered) and still (not stressed).

One Clear, Still Night is available on at

Share a splash of serenity: We'd love to hear how you keep Jesus from becoming part of your Christmas rush. Please share books you read or other Christmas traditions which help you focus on Christ. Thank you.

Splashes of Serenity is what we all need at Christmas!



  1. Here is a tradition that our family has enjoyed, especially when our daughters were elementary through middle-school age. I collected Christmas stories from magazines or mailings and stored them in a Christmas folder. Each evening in December before tucking them in, they could choose a story from the folder, which we read together curled up on the couch. We also read a few story books, and chapter books (a chapter at a time). I still treasure the memories of reading by tree light. I liked the stories as much as they did!

  2. What a precious memory, Sarah. I've never tried reading by Christmas tree lights. I will this year. Thank you. Merry Christmas!


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