Monday, September 9, 2013

A Working Mother Shares Her Heart

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A working mom shares special thoughts from her journal. Enjoy. Grab tissues.

"My son, today you watched me paint my toenails.  Before — who am I fooling?  You plopped your tough little self down beside me on the carpet at 7:15am and watched as I did my toenails.  How ”tough” can you really yet be, to still be so intrigued by this task? 

Yesterday I watched your first Little League practice.  So excited were you.  Running so fast, hitting so hard, throwing so far...running over to me “mommy are we going to play a real game now?”  Turning to catch my eye and wave from your grounding practice station.  Such a little natural.  So naturally sure of yourself with a ball in your hands and a team around you.  So grown up.  Or so not...

”Mommy sleep with me, on the floor, and DON’T LEAVE!  You can grocery shop TOMORROW AFTERNOON!”  Lining your Critter books up for me to read to you.

 I’ve stopped grumbling about that, ya know - knowing in my wisdom that all this will end.  In knowing that my deepest but most painful wish for you will be for it to end someday.  For I do want you to grow up — I wouldn’t wish for you to not grow up — that’s not what mommies do.  Not that they don’t want to.  Maybe we could find some way to freeze time in its place.  Yes, that must be the solution — just freeze these moments.  Move on when we’re READY 😊  Will mommy ever be ready?  No I think not. 
Back to the toenails... “What does it feel like mom?  Paint mine!”
“No son” I told you, “Boys don’t use nail polish.”  But there I go again projecting “bigness” onto you.  BIG boys don’t use nail polish but little boys might sometimes have a painted nail...because they have plopped down next to their mama while she does her nails before work.  And so I kissed you goodbye and had a lump in my throat all day because I did not paint your toenail... while I still could."

Praying for working mom's today. Praying for all mom's today. Treasure these moments while you still can. Let them be splashes of serenity to your soul in the chaotic world of mothering,

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