Monday, April 1, 2013

Rock Solid Husbands Talk About Rock Solid Marriages

Thank you to Diane Markins' mention of We All Married Idiots in her Bold Living radio show! You can listen above as she speaks to two rock solid young husbands and hears from them what makes a rock solid marriage.

This Easter week, let's remember that God forgave us and Jesus died on the cross for our sins. Three days later God resurrected Jesus from the dead.

No matter what you and/or your beloved have done, God forgives and He commands you to forgive any who offends you. Look up and let God take your dead life and your dead marriage and make it alive again. I know He can do this, because He did it for me. This I know: We have a ROCK SOLID SAVIOR in Jesus Christ!

Blessed Easter, my friends! The greatest splash of serenity of all comes in the peace Jesus brings to a life and a marriage surrendered to Him!


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