Thursday, January 31, 2013

It's Time for Christians to Take Back Their Bedrooms!

Love and sex?  Shhh! Christians don't talk or write about such things. Well God certainly did!

Hollywood has us believing that sex is a dirty topic.

 Let's remember that the sexual relationship between husband and wife was the first blessing in the Bible. In Genesis 1:28 ". . . God blessed them [Adam and Eve] and said, 'Be fruitful and multiply." Woo hoo, God! Thank you for this blessing.

God instructs further in 1 Corinthians 7:3-5 "Husbands and wives should satisfy each other's sexual needs . . . Don't withhold yourselves from each other unless you agree to do so for a set time to devote yourselves to prayer. Then you should get back together. . . " What can I say? 

What God meant as sacred, the world has made sleezy. What God meant as pure, the world has putrified. Linda Dillow and Lorraine Pintus said it well in their powerful book, Intimate Issues.

I think it's time for Christians to take back their bedrooms!

Dan and I teach marriage retreats. "Please teach us about sex" is the number one request received from Christian couples. Wow! That's an eye opener not to be ignored.

I fear Christians are believing  the Hollywood lie and bringing that distorted and disgusting influence to their marriage bed.

Flourish Magazine dedicated their January/February issue to Love and Sex. This fine Christian magazine blessed me with a request for an article.

Here's the great news: IT'S FREE! The Love and Sex Issue is available on-line at no charge. Check it out at

My heart is for marriages to flourish. The sexual relationship between husband and wife is a gift from God to you. Open your gift and enjoy God's blessing on your marriage.

My books Splashes of Serenity: Bathtime Reflections for Drained Wives (available for order on this website) and We All Married Idiots: Three Things You Will Never Change About Your Marriage and Ten Things You Can will also help you enjoy marital intimacy to it's fullest!

May God splash serenity on your marriage bed!


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