Monday, October 8, 2012

A Little Boy's Wish for His Mom With Breast Cancer

Meet my friend Kara Anderson. Her little boy looked into Santa's eyes and said "I want my mommy to be better." His mommy had breast cancer and he did not want toys or games, he just wanted his mommy to be better. Three years later his mommy is better and living life to the fullest!

Her son's plea to Santa motivated Kara Anderson to write a delightful children's book, Santa's Secret Elf.

In Kara's words: "When Santa gets letters from kids that he can't handle he looks to Merryam for help. Our story began in 2009 when my 5 year old son sat on Santa's lap and when asked what he wanted for Christmas he replied “I want my mommy to be better." I had breast cancer and he did not need toys or games he just wanted a healthy Mom. Santa knows he can handle all the toys and games that kids request but realizes that he needs a special helper to handle the requests that are far bigger than he is. Merryam teaches Santa that we all need help and with prayer, faith, and a lot of fun we can get it all done."

Santa's Secret Elf is a 42 page colorful children’s book that blends the true spirit of the season with the fun and imagination of the holiday. Hidden elves are on every page and Mrs. Claus’ secret cookie recipe is in the back of the book.

 It was my honor when Kara asked me to write the final page of Santa's Secret Elf. She wanted her book to close with a prayer. I understood. You see, my brother had cancer and was to die shortly after Christmas. I remember well that Christmas when all I wanted was my brother to live. And he did!!!
To purchase Santa's Secret Elf please go to Santa's Secret Elf facebook page or to Amazon on this link:

Kara does more than write. Read on!

Realizing the difficulty of keeping things going when undergoing cancer treatments, Kara started a cleaning service where your home is cleaned and errands run for those with seriously ill children or moms or dads. For more information about this amazing ministry, please see her website

Kara loves to clean (we don't share this trait) and is the President of Maids on the Run where others take care of your home so you can take care of your family. Check it out at Perhaps you want to start a franchise.

Kara also likes to cook (do I know how to pick friends? Yep!) and is the inventor of the bag holder. Check this out at and don't be left holding the bag!

Wow! So much more I could say. Merry Christmas to Kara and her family. You are so special and I thank God you are healthy and alive!

Kara's heart has been a splash of serenity to my heart. I hope to yours too!


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  1. Elaine,

    I have already visited Amazon and added this beautiful book to my wish list and look forward to ordering it. Thanks for sharing great books that touch the heart and share God's love.

    Have a great week!
    Lisa M. Buske


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