Friday, June 15, 2012

Miss You, Dad—Corn and All!

 My dad lives in Heaven. Wow! I miss him. He had a wit and a laugh that filled a room with fun.

 His heart burst with love and kindness and tenderness.

He seemed to always have a smile on his face and a  grandchild on his lap.

 I was blessed with a wonderful father who loved to laugh.

Dad had his idiosyncrasies too. They showed up in August when the corn arrived. During corn season my father ate corn on the cob as the main, and the only, course seven days a week. Yellow kernels and butter dripped from his chin and covered his cheeks.

 Please God don't let any of my friends show up at dinner time, I prayed as a teenager. Dad was adoreable, but the corn face was a scene I didn't wish to share with my peers.   

 It's been 11 years since I've seen corn on my dad's face. My heart aches to sit at a table with him and a platter of corn on the cob and enjoy that corny smile one more time? Oh, the idiosyncrasies that annoy us do become our dearest memories when those we love depart.

Friends, treasure your loved ones. Don't let something as silly as a corn-fed face keep you from appreciating every moment with them. 

Happy Father's Day, Dad! I'm sure the corn grows tall in Heaven and I suspect it's August all year round.

You, sweet father, were always a splash of serenity in my life. Thank you for always loving me, for encouraging me, building me up, taking me on great hikes and golf games. I miss your laugh and your smile and I miss your face—with and without the corn. Love you, Dad.



  1. Oh, this is beautiful! Your dad has ever such a beautiful smile... It remind me of a poem I wrote a few years ago:

    You're safe in Jesus' care
    in heaven above
    All wrapped up gently
    in His sweet love;
    Loved ones all miss you
    and shed their tears
    But will never forget you
    down through the years;
    So keep on smiling
    the day will come
    When all together
    We'll be as one.


  2. Wendy, what a beautiful poem. It touched my heart. Oh my, especially the "keep on smiling." My dad sure did. He kept on smiling and waits for us to join him in Heaven. Oh glorious day!

    Thanks for posting, friend.
    Elaine W. Miller

  3. Elaine,

    Thank you for sharing your Father with us through both word and photograph. I see his reflection in your face when you laugh. I am thankful that I haven't seen corn and butter dripping off your chin yet but there is always time. :)

    A sweet reminder to hold on and love each moment we have with our loved ones. Only God knows what tomorrow holds.

    Lisa M. Buske

  4. Your father looks so happy in each picture. I can so relate to the corn thing on his chin. My Dad is just the same - corn, ketchup, and sauce. Even my kids, who are not known for their gracious eating habits, wonder how he does not even notice the stuff on his face. Thank you for sharing your memories. Heaven waits.


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