Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Changing Zip Codes a Must Read for Anyone Moving

Moving must be one of the biggest stressers for a marriage and a family. Carol Stratton's book Changing Zip Codes is a must read for anyone in transition. I was blessed reading Changing Zip Codes and wrote the following review on

Wow! I loved this book. Wish I had it 41 years ago when my husband and I embarked on the first of twelve pain-filled moves. I like digging my heels into my house, my community, my church, and especially my friends; and I don't like letting go. Change of any kind threatens me and changing zip codes is the worst threat of all.

Carol Stratton holds your hand and places it in the hands of God as she walks you through the moving process. She encourages the reader to see God's plan for the move and she gives practical helps to ease the pain of transition for the entire family.

With at least one more change of zip codes ahead of me before I reach the place of no zip codes, I gleaned much from Carol's advice. My attitude has changed as I look at another move as an exciting adventure on my life's journey, not as dreaded days of packing and unpacking every ounce of my emotions.

Thank you for this wonderful book, Carol. Please anyone about to move, read it. If you have a dear friend about to move, this would make a great going-away present. She'll love you for it.

Happy Packing! I can say that now that I've read, "Changing Zip Codes." Please visit Carol's website, helping families relocating.

May your move be a Splash of Serenity for your entire family!


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