Wednesday, February 15, 2012

New Book! New Website!

Thirty-one years ago Dan and I had a home custom built for us. I laughed when the builder said, "New house. New baby!" His prophecy proved true. We had a new house and a new baby in the same year!

In 2012 it's "New book! New Website!"

I have a new book. Five copies arrived yesterday! Today they go to 5 beta readers. I never knew what a beta reader was until this book. They are the ones who stop you in the middle of the church service and say, "I 'm reading your book and I saw a typo! GASP!!!" Thanking God today for the loving nit pickers who are reading my book so I can enjoy the church service.

After final corrections are made, We All Married Idiots: Three Things You'll Never Change About Your Marriage and Ten Things You Can is sent to those who I hope will endorse it. Then an endorsement page and perhaps some endorsements on the back cover will be added. THEN—HALLELUJAH—my new book will be available to you!

Thank you to all who have encouraged me. I love you all.

I also have a new website. Thank you to Mary Hess  for the look of this website. I love it. I asked her for something clean and easy to navigate and simple. She delivered. We're still working out the tweaks. Two more tabs will be added tonight, so come back and visit me.

Thank you to Barb Spurling who designed and updated my previous website for six years—out of the goodness of her heart and with much love. I love you, Barb. Thanks for your expertise and care for me right when I needed it.

Hey, let me know if this website brings a splash of serenity to your day. I hope it sprinkles your life with fun!



  1. Looks great Elaine! Congrats on everything new!!

  2. Congrats on your new book and website! Both look great!!

  3. Elaine,

    I love the new site! It is fabulous and reflects all the goodness and beauty you reflect to everyone you meet. Now you are doing it via the net. Go girl!

    Lisa M Buske

  4. Looks Fabulous! <3 Congrats and Wishes for much success with your book!

  5. Great Website! Congrats and wishes for success with your new book! :)

  6. It's wonderful! You are wonderful!So happy for your new book, and can't wait to read it!



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