Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Writing a Book? Want it Published? Here's How.

"I want to write a book. How do I get it published? What do I do next?" I asked those questions years ago when I wanted to write a book. Now, as an author, those are the questions I am most frequently asked. My answer, "Go to a Writer's Conference. You will learn the basics of the writing and publishing business; meet editors, publishers, agents, and authors; and get a good dose of laughter and inspiration rubbing shoulders with fellow writers."

Here are three I attended and I recommend:

MONTROSE CHRISTIAN WRITER'S CONFERENCE, Montrose, PA, July 24-29, 2011. This is where I got my start, sold my first article which became the first chapter of my first book, taught my first writer's classes, and met authors who became dear friends. The above You Tube was taken at Montrose last summer. I entered beautiful Dreyer Hall hungry for dinner and met James Willis, a fellow faculty member, hankering for an interview. Montrose Christian Writer's Conference is a fun and a beautiful place to take the next step on your writing journey. www.Montrosebible.org/writers.htm

UPSTATE NEW YORK CHRISTIAN WRITERS' GATHERING, Delta Lake Bible Conference, Rome, NY, July 7-8. This Gathering is held literally in my back yard on the shores of beautiful Delta Lake. Three years ago David Fessenden and Debbie Tuthill approached me separately (they had never met) with the vision of having a writer's conference at Delta Lake. God's Hand was on this. The response to this gathering exceeded our expectations and we look forward to our Second Annual Gathering next month. http://fromconcepttocontract.com/wp-content

GREATER PHILADELPHIA CHRISTIAN WRITERS CONFERENCE, Philadelphia Biblical University, Langhorne, PA, August 10-13. A larger conference with publishers, editors, agents, and authors galore. This is where I met my agent, Diana Flegal from Hartline Literary Agency. More information at www.writehisanswer.com/Philadelphia

This summer I am teaching at the Upstate New York Christian Writers Gathering and at the Greater Philadelphia Christian Writers Conference. I'd love to meet you there.

God has placed a passion in my heart to encourage Christian writers to write and to be published. Afterall, if Christians stop writing, what is left for people to read? Only you can tell your story and your story can help others live their stories in victory.

If you have any questions about writing or about these conferences, please ask. I'd love to be a Splash of Serenity to your writing dreams.

Keep Writing!



  1. Elaine,

    I love this video, it makes me smile all the more the second time around. :) Your laughter and joy is contagious. I will vouch for the Delta Lake Christian Writer's Gathering. I attended last year and learned so much and have strived to put all I learned into practice this year. I'm looking forward to this year's gathering.

    I plan to attend the conference in Philadelphia this summer too. I won't be able to attend all three but adding a second one this summer. God is amazing!

    Thanks for following his lead and sharing your love for him, writing and others!!


  2. Hi again, I wanted to ask...did you BRING that first article TO the conference already written? This will be my first conference and I am not sure how to prepare=)

  3. Hi Lois,

    I brought the article written as a devotional. The editor read it (during our 15 min. appt.) and asked if she could buy it for the Salvation Army War Cry. It was only one page. They published it on the back cover of their magazine.I don't know how far along you are in your writing, but I would bring anything you have written. Editors will read it and they will give you an honest critique, suggest places where it might be published, or buy it on the spot. See you soon!


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