Monday, June 13, 2011

The Greatest Gift a Father Gives to His Children

My dad holding his grandgirl Elizabeth, reminds me of my dad holding me.

When your parenting journey is over, how will your children remember you?

My father's influence in my life was huge! Dad loved to laugh and play, and we did. He listened to me, cried with me, guided me, and loved me when I was good and when I was naughty. He disciplined me (usually with a smile since he seemed to enjoy my antics), but he never made me feel bad about myself. He built me up when others put me down. I loved my dad and he loved me.

The day he died, I held his motionless hand and heard his last breath. It was a beautiful moment in a hospital room filled with family and Jesus. I grieved and realized There was not one second of my life that I didn't know my father loved me. What a gift Dad gave to me--the greatest gift of all--his unconditional love.

Seconds into my sad reality of life without my dear, fun, sweet dad, God zapped a warm message to my heart: Elaine, you still have a Father--and there's not a second of your life I have not loved you. What a blessing God gave to me when He comforted my sorrow with that beautiful truth.

Miss you, Dad. Miss your love, Dad. Miss our talks and walks and hugs. Just miss YOU!!! Thankful for a Heavenly Father Who continues to love and guide and give advice and hugs and laughs with me. I am blessed.

Fathers, what will your little girls remember about you? Be a splash of serenity to your children. Don't let one second of their lives go by without them knowing you love them.

"Three things will last forever--faith, hope, and love--and the greatest of these is love." ~ 1 Corinthians 13:13 (NLT)

Love is the greatest gift a dad and The Father gives His children.

Thanking God for my earthly father and my Heavenly Father on this Father's Day and feeling very loved!



  1. Perfect! Beautifully said! Thank you for sharing... My dad was/is my biggest fan! I was/am so blessed to have him! He's the best!

  2. Thanks for commenting, Shannon. We were blessed by great dads. Not all have good memories of their fathers. Hoping my words will give comfort to those knowing their Heavenly Father loves them every second of their lives.

    You are a blessing to me, Shannon. Thanks for your encouragement.

  3. Elaine- I never really knew my earthly father but so many times my Heavenly Father has given me the love I so desperately needed. As my boys grew, Jude did his best to make sure they knew of his love since his earthly father was harsh and distant. Our prayers were allways that our boys would know that just as the Father loved them no matter what so did we. Our holiday meals together are still soe of my favorite times. Our Father is so good!

  4. Oh Kim, your words are a testimony of a Heavenly Father's love for his children. You and Jude are two of the sweetest, kindest, most loving people I know. Our God is sufficient. He is enough. Your words will encourage others, I know, for they encouraged me. Thank you for sharing. Blessings to Jude on Father's Day!

  5. Elaine, what a beautiful post! I didn't have the benefit of having a father like yours. Mine was an alcoholic and pretty absent from the time I was 8 years old. I do have a heavenly Father who is there for me. THanks for that reminder!

  6. Dearest Terri, I look at your life and the truth that God is ALWAYS with us and He IS our Father is so evident. Even though you don't have great memories of your dad, your Heavenly Father had an amazing plan for your life--one that gave you a future and a hope. He called you to serve Him and He uses you for His Kingdom! Wow! What a great Abba Father!!! Thank you for encouraging me. I'm so blessed to know that wherever or whatever happens in life, God holds our hands and He won't let go.

  7. My father accepted Christ when he was 70. From that time on, we truly had "a family" with Christian values and the love of God as the core. Dad's gone almost 13 years already. He went with Jesus at the age of 85. He was a pool shooter and loved to make toy trains for kids. I still miss him, but I know he's waiting for me on the other side. Mom joined him last August at the age of 94.

  8. Elaine,

    A beautiful testimony of the love and support we have from our Heavenly Father too. Thanks for sharing your Dad with us again ~ an absolute joy to read. I'm blessed with a wonderful Dad and relationship too, thankfully. Others need to hear of positive relationships with our Dad's ~ so they can relate. I share a tear with you for those not knowing and understanding the power, strength and love found in a Dad...and The Dad. ;)


  9. Thanks Marsha and Lisa. Such wonderful memories!


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