Thursday, January 24, 2013

Switzerland Serenity

You aren't seeing things. Look again. This church is above the clouds. Riding in a large, enclosed gondola to the top of a Swiss Alp near Luzerne, Switzerland, we lost our breath at the beauty of it all--the mountains and the church. I have no idea who attends here or how they get there, but God spoke to my heart just at the sight of it.

God reminded me that He loves the whole world. He will build His Church and neither the gates of Hell nor the icey slopes of Switzerland will prevail against it. We will never escape God and He will never forget us. He's there in the bombed-out buildings of Bosnia and He's there in the snow-covered splendor of Switzerland. He loves us and we are in His Hands. Wherever you are, may you know His sweet serenity today.

What does this photo say to you? I'd love to hear.

Sending Splashes of Serenity from snowy and serene Switzerland,



  1. He hides me in the cleft of the Rock and the shadow of his wings. Love the shadow of the church. Beautiful.

  2. Oh, Jody, I loved reading what you saw that I didn't see. Powerful insight that made this photo even more special. Thanks for sharing.

  3. That church is halfway to heaven already!

  4. Breathtaking Elaine Thanks for sharing this pic with us.!

  5. On Christ the Solid Rock I stand...all other ground is sinking sand. Not only is the church blessed with God's loving arms enveloping it, it also has one deep, solid and deep foundation to keep it from sinking into the depths.

    Thanks for sharing Elaine - God is the omnipresent God. Amen. The photo warms my heart and would probably weep through the entire worship service if I ever attended one within those very walls.

    Safe travels,

  6. Hi, Elaine,
    I have one question about this beautiful scene. Were you in a helicopter, in a ski lift, or flying high on caffeine? Wow, what a gorgeous picture.

  7. Marsha, we were in an enclosed gondola going to the top of a Swiss Alp. We were above the clouds too, which was quite amazing. At the top was a ski resort. The sun was so bright we sat outside for a long time taking in the rays above the clouds. Very fun.


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