Friday, October 1, 2010

Why I Love My Birthday!

I love my birthday! Too many of my friends died young and never saw their son graduate from Law School, planned their daughters' weddings, held their new-born grandbabies, took long walks with older grandchildren, laughed themselves silly with their girlfriends, grew old with the love of their life. God gave me a gift when I was born--LIFE--I intend to live it to the hilt.

I celebrate by writing myself a birthday poem each year. Trust me, it is the only day I write poetry. Read it and enjoy the gift of life God gave to YOU.

Yes, it's true
Today I am sixty-two.
I won't "boo hoo"
Or yet say, "Toodle-oo!"

I am sixty-two
But I'm not blue
There's still lots to do:
Unseen places to view,

Memories to accrue,
Grandbabies to "peek-a-boo!"
A hubby who needs me too.
I'd love to have tea with you.

I still hope to write a book or two!
New exotic foods I have yet to chew.
Like to hike, golf, and kayak--to name a few!
At the end of my days, hoping to say, "Phew!"

This I know is true:
I am sixty-two
And happy as can be
That I'm not yet sixty-three!

Praying I keep shining through all my days and splashing the world with His Serenity!



  1. Love your poem and the inspiration to "like" my birthday. Thank you! :O)

  2. Love this poem! I feel the same way about life and looking forward to my big 50 in a couple of years if the Lord so grants me those years.

  3. Happy Birthday, Elaine!!! I love your poem! Vie

  4. Thanks for all your sweet thoughts. My birthday was lovely.

  5. And, look at all the words you can rhyme with two!! Happy 62 to you!

  6. Happy Belated Birthday Elaine! I love seeing your birthday celebrations- was it last year it was outside?

  7. Thanks, Diana. The outside birthday was my 60th, two years ago. It's birthday week as our baby boy turns 30 tomorrow and Dan is 63 on Saturday. Fattening, but good week.

  8. Happy birthday a few days late. Thanks for the wonderful life lesson to celebrate each year God gives us.

  9. I think you do a wonderful job of writing poems and it is plain to see that you do live life to the fullest.Praise God that you do. Seeing you at retreat and listening to your life stories there, seeing you at our church minling with the people, watching you and your husband when you visit our church and reading your books and poems makes me want to live like you do. You are an inspiration to many women Elaine(and porbably men too). God is definetly using you to show Himself and His character to people whom may not get the opportunity elsewhere and from what I've read in His word, I think that is how He wants us to live, right?
    I hope He continues to bless you and your family, because in doing so He blesses me too.
    Love, Lisa Smith

  10. Dearest Lisa,

    I am humbled and so encouraged by your comment to me. Thank you for giving me the ultimate compliment--that I am living the way Jesus wants me to live. What a sweet encourager you are to say that when God blesses me and my family, He blesses you. You have assured me that living for Christ, witnessing for Him, writing for Him, is worth it and making a difference for His Kingdom. Thank You. What you wrote has made a differennce in my life. And to think you wrote it so close to the anniversary of your son's death. That tragedy gave you a more tender heart. Praise God for the good that comes from sadness. My prayers for you and your family. Hugs and hugs and more hugs!

  11. DEAR Elaine: Keep writing...PROSE. Love you! You're beautiful!


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