Saturday, October 16, 2010

He Cleaned Up My Mess!

Last month I was smashed. This month I was flushed. The mammogram was easy. The colonoscopy was not.

Most of us know to prep for a colonoscopy, we drink a gallon of laxative and experience a glorious cleansing of everything not securely attached to our innards. I picture my poor liver holding on for dear life while the torrent of liquid washes away every trace of onion. Enough of that picture.

But it gets worse. My body has trouble with medicine. I mean Nyquil keeps me awake. My 5 foot 1 inch frame didn't know which end was up and my flushing also became my vomiting. Violent vomiting--that landed me in a hospital bed with an IV. Without being too graphic (because that is not the point of this blog), let's just say my dear hubby rushed me to the hospital after I baptized our beautiful white bathroom from both ends.

Lying in the hospital, IV pumping my dehydrated and delirious body with nutrients, I thought about my bathroom. I love my bathroom. That's why I write bathroom books. At that moment I knew the floors and perhaps walls of my bathtime sanctuary were a mess.

Babette, my nurse, made me feel better with her physical and verbal comfort. "I can tell your husband really loves you," she said. "How?" I asked. "By the way he looks at you." Let me tell you, I've probably never looked worse. He really does love me.

Hours later my body settled, colonoscopy performed, no polyps found, my hubby returned me to our home and tucked me into bed. When I awoke, the reality of it all hit me. Oh dear, I've got to clean that bathroom. It's a mess.

Walking into the scene of the crime, I was overwhelmed at the sight. The bathroom sparkled. Dan had cleaned up my mess. What an awful job for a husband, who considered it a privilege. Never have I felt so loved.

The Bible says husbands are to love their wives as Christ loved the church. That's how Dan loves me. He cleans up my mess. Just like Jesus, Who died to clean up all our messes. It doesn't matter how dirty and smelly and gross is your mess. Jesus really loves you and He'll clean it up. Let Jesus wrap his arms around you, whisper sweet comfort in your ears, and clean up your mess. You'll never be more loved.

Splashes of Serenity,



  1. Beautiful picture of Christ's love, Elaine (and especially Dan)!

    I'm glad you are feeling better.

  2. Tearing up here..... from bathroom visuals to God's love..... what a roller coaster ride! You guys are the best! :O)

  3. I love that your nurse's name was Babette-that just adds to the story. I've never doubted and always been a little awed by Dad's love for you. So thankful to have been raised in a home with so much love going around. Glad you are right side up again. Tell me- was this the very same bathroom we use when we visit? The large, beautifully sparkling white guest bath? Or perhaps I shouldn't ask...

  4. Elizabeth, you filled our home with love to overflowing, dear daughter. Yep, that's the bathroom. Sorry about that. It's been christened and cleaned up and looks beautiful again. I guess it was payback time for the bluebirds of happiness flying around the wallpaper.


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