Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Africa--Where God Took My Heart and Enlarged It.

Ten years ago today I left the comforts of the USA and flew to Gabon, Africa. Thanking God for the work He did in me on that trip, I write this post.

Africa was my dream. I hoped to serve God there, but those doors closed. My dream became reality when I was invited to Gabon to teach Vacation Bible School. I was there two weeks. It changed my life.

I enjoyed monkeys and exotic birds, the lush rain forest and exquisite coast. Riding an airplane with no seatbelts and a pig walking down the aisle as we landed on a dirt runway, was unforgettable.

I loved it all, but what I loved most is what God etched in my heart. I hope the following gives you pause to ponder:

1. When you possess very little, there is little to distract you from loving God.

2. Having one dress and one pair of shoes, gives you less time to consider what you will wear and more time to serve God.

3. People who have only scraps of food will prepare a feast for you.

4. Worship in a simple structure with a dirt floor can be more powerful than in a grand cathedral.

5. Jesus is present in the simple as well as the elegant.

6. The mere mention of the Name, "Jesus" brings smiles of peace and joy and hope to those who know suffering.

7. Never again will I walk into my closet and think I have nothing to wear or walk into my pantry and say, "There's nothing to eat."

8. Having very little can mean having very much.

May simple things bring you serenity today,



  1. Elaine, I always say if every American would take a trip to Africa or Haiti, we'd stop our whining. We have SO much in this country. God has blessed us, but so many don't appreciate his blessings.
    I always remember to thank him, not only for Jesus and his marvelous salvation, but for all the material blessings we have. I, for one, do not take it for granted.

  2. You are so right, Marsha. No one in Bosnia ever complained about the weather. They were just happy to be alive. Thanks for your comment.

  3. Elaine,

    The line that spoke to me the most was "When you possess very little, there is little to distract you from loving God." I often think this is sometimes one of the greatest challenges when inviting friends and others to join us for church - their schedules are too busy, too many "other" books to read or whatever their personal distraction might me. Life is short...thank you for the reminder. :)



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