Wednesday, March 24, 2010

A Father's Love Letters

Love letters--dating back to 1932--are some of the treasures I found in my deceased in-law's home. Dad and Mom met when they were kids. Her first memory of him was when he pulled the Sunday School chair out from beneath her and her tush tumbled to the ground. That should have been a red flag! But she forgave him and two silly kids grew in love and sacrificed for their country and for their children.

World War II arrived and Dad joined the Navy. Presenting her with an engagement ring the night before he left for duty, their love passed time's test. Gone for two years, they wrote letters--piles of them--all tenderly tied in a bow and placed in a box to remember forever their love story.

The week he returned home from the war, they married. On their wedding night, the hotel owner refused them a room because he thought they were not legally wed. Dad, humiliated and angry (and I'm sure quite frustrated and eager), returned home to his father to retrieve the marriage license as proof to the inn keeper. My how times have changed.

Sixty four years later, dad chased mom to Heaven six months after she died. They are gone, but their love letters remain. How sweet.

Yet, how sad. Letter writing is a lost art. Today, many love letters are extinguished forever by a "delete" button. Mom's and Dad's correspondence will one day be dust. But there is one Love Letter that will never pass away. It is eternal--God's Love Letter to us.

Think about it. The Creator of the Universe wrote a letter to us! Why don't we read it? We run to read blogs, political opinions, untruths, and frivolous pages; yet we ignore the most relevant book ever written--the Number 1 best seller of all time.

As I hold His Precious Message in my hands, I realize He didn't have to write this to us. He could have left humanity in the dark. But He loves us so much, He wrote us a Letter. He didn't delete it and He never will. Man can ignore it, but man can't delete it. God's Word is eternal.

Splashes of Serenity come when we saturate in God's Word. Why don't you take a dip into your Father's Love Letter today!

Be blessed,

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  1. what precious mementos to have - and what a beautiful picture pointing to God's love letters to us. as i'm sitting here on my week of rest from work, i've been reading one of the more odd love letters (Job, of all things!) and becoming more and more thankful for the love of an all-knowing all-understanding heavenly Father.


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