Thursday, June 22, 2023

Hope for the Emotional Eater

"You are not fat. You are zoftig." a friend told me years ago.

"Deliciously plump!"

Oh wow! Not sure if that was a compliment or not. 

Today, in the second half of life and living with leukemia, the effects of taking a daily chemo pill (not complaining! those pills keep me alive!), and permanent lung, heart, (and I swear brain) damage from covid, my focus isn't on being delicious, but in keeping my body healthy. I really love the thought of being a grilled salmon and not a hot-fudge sundae!

"I've had you dead twice, yet here you are!" my doctor smiles in wonder.  

Yes. Here I am and since I am here I want to be healthy, active, useful, joyful, fun, lively, energetic. My damaged lungs don't need to pant from excess weight. Leukemia and chemo don't need help making me tired. My illnesses got my attention and motivated me to become healthy. 

So, with my doctors' approval, I joined Weight Watchers, and over two years lost 20 pounds more or less. I feel great! Weight Watchers filled my tummy with fruits and veggies and protein — the three foods my doctors say are essential for my recovery. 

In January while I was seeking the Lord's direction in 2023, I was struck by the question: Why would I rely on a secular (albeit healthy) weight loss program when I have the power of God within me? My goal for 2023 was to glorify God in every area of my life, including my health. 

A book appeared on my facebook page which intrigued me. A New Life Promise: How to Heal Your Body, Find Joy, and Bring Glory to God by Isabel D. Price. Bring Glory to God sealed the deal to my decision to purchase Price's book. Her heart touched mine. With love and understanding and practical help, she guides the reader through the trials of being an emotional eater: grief, pressure, anxiety, inadequacy, anger, shame, guilt, anger, fear. Can you relate? I sure could! A New Life Promise encourages us to live a full life as well as enjoy food. We really can have our cake and eat it too and remain healthy. 

A New Life Promise ends with 90 days of scripture and journaling. Recite a prayer, listen to a worship song, read the one scripture verse, and write how God spoke to you. 

Over the years I've enjoyed many daily devotional plans. Reading a chapter of the Bible each day, reading through the Bible in a year, Bible study books, etc. The most powerful has been Price's suggestion to read and meditate on one scripture a day. Focusing on one verse and asking God to speak to me through it has brought such joy and power in my days. 

FYI, for a fee, Isabel D. Price offers a New Life Promise diet plan. I haven't explored her plan, so I am not yet endorsing it. You can decide for yourself and gain more information on healthy living on her website and facebook posts 

Meanwhile, my heart is free to obey, heal my body, find joy, and bring glory to God without counting the points or the calories! Hallelujah!

May the Lord guide us all as we seek to glorify Him in 2023. 


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