Thursday, December 12, 2019

The Merry Miller Moments of 2019

In a moment, my life changed. 
My eyes opened! My heart burst! Joy filled me! 
In a moment, a cancer diagnosis revealed Christ in ways I've never known as 
my eyes, my heart, and my joy 
focused on the eternal and not the earthly, 
on the hope of Heaven and not the heaviness of this world. 

Dan and I rejoice in God's healing and in the fruit of cancer research, because 
in a few months of moments 
my prognosis went from terminal to terrific.  

God uses these moments to teach me lessons I am thrilled to share with audiences. 
Doors open to minister to and pray with cancer patients —
 opportunities  I never wanted or planned for,
 but I am honored to own. 

This Christmas I reflect on the moments of life and pray none of us ever miss the times God planned for us.

Dan and I treasure the moments of our marriage.  
Because of cancer, now, even more so. 
Summers in the Adirondacks create moments with our children and grandchildren. 
A 49th Anniversary trip retracing our honeymoon in Maine created 
wonderful moments and memories of years gone by and hopes of years to come. 

We enjoyed a momentous time in North Carolina with all of Elaine's siblings 
(some of whom have not been together for five years). 
Don't wait for those moments to happen. 
Make them happen now!

Our children fill us with moments of joy and fun. We are blessed that Joanna and Bob and Elizabeth and Joe with ten of our thirteen grandchildren live close by. 

We enjoyed the moments with all the Price's 
watching Ryan's baseball team, coached by Bob,
 win the District Little League championship.

Sailor Noble blessed the Sliwa family and ours with his newborn love and smiles.
 Elizabeth and Joe and their nine children have a quiver filled with moments!  

 Those special moments when big brother Connor takes leave from the Marine Corps
 to meet his baby brother.

Sam and Katie, Lily and Jack continue serving our country in Alabama. 
Sam was promoted to Lt. Colonel with the US Air Force JAG Corp. 
A proud moment for us to witness.

Seize moments this Christmas to ponder 
God's great love for you, 
the blessings of being alive, 
the treasure of family and friends,
 Christ's birth, 
and the hope of eternal life for those who believe.  

Pray and let Christ change your life. 
It will only take a moment.

"Today . . . a Savior has been born to you; He is the Messiah, the Lord."

Luke 2:11

Merry Christmas from the merry Millers!


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