Monday, October 1, 2018

It's My 70th Birthday and God Gave Me a Gift

Happy Birthday to me! Oh, I love my birthday and I especially love this birthday—my 70th!

Twice in the last two years oncologists indicated I would not see my 70th birthday. But, here I am!!! Alive! Well! Blood counts normal! Praising the Lord! Doctors telling me I should live many more years! Hallelujah!!! Thanking Him for the gift of life. For my 70th Birthday!!!

 "The length of our days is seventy years—or eighty, if we have the strength."
Psalm 90:10

I've got the strength!!!

God also gifted me with a new book! I prayed Praise the Lord and Pass the Chemo would release  on my 70th birthday. Impossible, if you know the publishing business. But God did it for me. His gift to me and to those with cancer and to those who love someone with cancer. 

Celebrate with me the release of Praise the Lord and Pass the Chemo: A Hopeful Response to a Hard Reality. I need your help to spread the word to your network of friends. We all know people with cancer. For my birthday would you consider gifting me by:

Praying for a cancer patient today.

Praying for oncologists and cancer center employees today.

Praying for cancer research—for a cure.

Posting Praise the Lord and Pass the Chemo on your social media pages.

Posting a review of Praise the Lord and Pass the Chemo on Amazon.

Buying a copy of Praise the Lord and Pass the Chemo.

Gifting Praise the Lord and Pass the Chemo to someone with cancer.

Please join my team encouraging cancer warriors and those who love them to see cancer not as an obstacle, but as an opportunity to love deeper, live fuller, laugh louder, sing sweeter, and shine brighter.  Please help me show cancer patients there is A Hopeful Response to a Hard Reality.

If the Lord leads, please copy and paste the following address on your social media. Costs you nothing, and blesses many. Thank you!!!

Praise the Lord! And pass me another piece of birthday cake! Happy Birthday to me!!! Each day is a Happy Birthday to all cancer warriors everywhere. We are family. I love you and God loves you too. He will never let us go.

My love and prayers always that each day is a splash of serenity as we rest in Jesus' Arms,


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